Rehabilitated by Frankenpope – Condemned By the Courts

Rehabilitated by Frankenpope – Condemned By the Courts – 1/10/18

Rodolfo Fiesoli, 76, the founder of Il Forteto in Vicchio, Italy, an acclaimed community for the reintegration of young offenders, was arrested on December 23 after his 14-years-sentence for the homosexual abuse of minors was definitively confirmed.

Fiesoli wanted to reproduce the educational experience of Father Lorenzo Milani, a left-wing homosexual with paedophile fantasies whose tomb Pope Francis recently visited by private helicopter.

Fiesoli was a member of the Don Lorenzo Milani Foundation. Il Forteto had the enthusiastic support of the liberal Church circles which now form a phalanx around Pope Francis. According to the judges, the homosexual abuse in the left-wing community was “systematic”.

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One comment on “Rehabilitated by Frankenpope – Condemned By the Courts

  1. Even canonical measures to cleanse this Augean stable are now likely to prove worthless. In fact, it cannot be expected that there will be any such steps taken under the current regime.
    If a tiny handful of “conservative heroes” within the hierarchy have yet to do anything but invoke Francis’ immediate predecessors ( but decline to take any substantive canonical action ) re. AL’s manifest attack on Holy Communion and Matrimony then the odds of any Church-led internal policing and prosecution of outright criminal behavior are zero it will ever come to pass without a preceding catastrophe.
    The corruption has become so internationalized and velocitized under conciliarist rule that what lies ahead is probably impossible for decent Catholics to imagine.
    This will not end well.

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