Frankenpope Is Not Above the Gospel

Frankenpope Is Not Above the Gospel

[Let the hatchet job against the Kazakhstani bishops annd their allies begin]

Gloria.TV News – 1/8/18

Francis Is Not Above the Gospel: As anticipated, Bergoglian journalists started attacking the Kazakhstan correction of Amoris Laetitia. The journalist with the closest ties to Francis, is Andrea Tornielli, a turncoat who a few years ago opposed the liberal ideology which he now promotes. He claims that Francis may allow unrepentant adulterers to receive Communion. Tornielli’s statement implies that the Pope is not bound to the Gospel, but the Gospel to the Pope.

Personal Attacks: Tornielli also attacks the bishops who signed the Kazakhstan correction, using an interview with another turncoat, the Italian philosopher Massimo Borghesi who used to be a Wojtyla and Ratzinger partisan. Borghesi blames the confusion in the Church produced by Pope Francis on those bishops who try to sort things out. He even calls the defenders of the Catholic faith “dissenters”

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