“Conservative” Cardinal Napier Calls For – Heretical – “Internal-Forum-Solution”

“Conservative” Cardinal Napier Calls For – Heretical – “Internal-Forum-Solution”

[With friends conservatives like that, who needs enemies liberals?]

en.news – 1/8/18

Conservative Durban [South Africa] Cardinal Wilfrid Napier has attacked the Catholic journalists Raymond Arroyo and Edward Pentin for allegedly reporting “unbelievably one-sided” on Amoris Laetitia.

Writing on Twitter (January 6) Napier defends the controversial document, “‘Particular circumstances’ can refer to the internal forum, where Canon Law may not apply, because what is at stake is a person’s conscience”.

Father Pius Petrzyk explains on Twitter to Napier that a marriage cannot be declared invalid via the ‘internal forum’, since marriage “is a public good, not merely a private one”. And, “You can’t have a marriage declared null for just one of the parties.”

Napier’s “internal forum” theory has been condemned. John Paul II. said in February 1995, that a marriage can only be declared invalid by the legitimate authority and never by a private judgement. Cardinal James Stafford wrote in 2005 that “recourse to a so-called ‘internal forum solution’ in order to resolve conflicts arising from irregular marriages is duplicitous.”

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