Open Apostasy In The Vatican

Open Apostasy In The Vatican

Rafał_Ovile via Gloria.TV – 1/7/18

Here is another post from Fr. Jerome –

The state of the Church right now is the fault of conservatives, not liberals. Vatican II was hijacked by liberals 50 years ago only because conservatives were sleepy and trusting of men. And this continues in Rome today to a worse extent.

Yes, there will always be liberals who hate Christ, but what is different now from the rest of Church history is that Christ’s closest clerical friends are too afraid to fight for His Church. No, the four Cardinals of the Dubia are nothing like St. Athanasius or St. Maximus the Confessor or St. Nicholas or St. John Chrysostom.

The saints had no need to “hear out” heretics in a “pastoral” manner.There will always be heretics, but that is not the problem. The problem is the want of saints. The saintly bishops of the first 500 years of the Church revealed the poisonous words of heretics, gentle as they be, were sent into exile, and then they were vindicated (usually in their lifetime) for their reckless courage. I see no reckless courage today in the face of open heresy. And this is why the open heresy of four years ago in the Vatican has become an open apostasy in the highest ranks in the Church.
Let me remind the readers of three definitions:
1) Heresy is the denial of even one part of Divine Revelation
2) Apostasy is a full renunciation of the unique and redemptive act of Jesus Christ.
3) Soteriology is the study of salvation.
The false prophet on the Chair of Peter is now espousing a soteriology that is little different from a Unitarian Universalist. We have full apostasy now in the Vatican…and not a single bishop is willing to say anything against full and outright soteriological apostasy? No. Rather, our most “courageous” prelates flex their muscles against a single sexual line in Amoris Laetitia.
This is not courage. It is not courage that no one questions a clearly-forced Papal-resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. It is not courage that no one (except a retired courageous bishop in Texas) questions a tampered-Conclave to elect our current false-prophet.
Like the Republicans in the 1980s in the USA who promised to end abortion in order to keep their office (but did very little) I fear these “conservative” bishops are doing as much damage to the Church as the gay Cardinals who hate the Church and are overturning every point of Our Faith. Why? Why are the former like the latter?
For not resisting with courage. If any bishop should ever read this, let me remind you that the Holy Spirit in the book of the Apocalypse places through the Apostle John cowards in the same lake of fire as murderers:
“But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.”—Apocalypse 21:8 ESV
I for one: resist. I renounce the open apostasy in the Vatican in the name of Jesus Christ and I beg the wrath of St. Peter and St. Paul to stop this blasphemy of the Eternal City and this mockery of Jesus Christ’s own apostolic succession. I will reveal my name when I am ready to lose my faculties as a priest in current good standing and go into exile, but for now, I resist in the name of Jesus Christ.

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4 comments on “Open Apostasy In The Vatican

  1. “Conservative” became useless as an “identity” decades ago. The argument that the crisis is the result of “conservative” inaction is true enough but doesn’t go far enough. Excessive tolerance in Rome, beginning with the first successor of St. Pius X, allowed first a trickle and, by the reign of Pius XII, a rising stream of men wholly intent on overthrowing Rome from within to gain higher and higher positions of influence.
    The defiant cleric’s outrage that a rigged conclave occurred in 2013 is risible. Since 1958, it can be shown that EACH conclave defied strict prohibitions against party politicking, self-promotion ( even Wojtyla reportedly campaigned for years to be made pope ), etc. In short, the entire Revolution since the get-go has been rigged. And such was hardly the first instance of a “bought papacy” in history.
    Anyway, the anonymous cleric ought to rethink his plan since one more outraged ex-priest on the warpath won’t prove to be
    much help to anyone. Opening minds from within the Church, would be more productive.
    A popular Thomist facing death soon recently stated that in his studies never once did any great Saint lean on reactionary emotion as a guide. Emotions are, he said, useless in spiritual advancement.

  2. Btw, the comaints of apostasy and blasphemy are accurate. I just prefer to see just outrage put to effective use. More light than heat, that sort of thing…

  3. There are different kinds of “conservatives” along the spectrum. Orthodox and traditional Catholics are “conservative” in a true sense. However, since it is unlikely that things will swing back to Catholic knighthood, aristocracy, monarchy, or widespread religious culture in a general sense throughout Western societies, Catholic conservatives are a remnant which provide leaven from the decadence and depravity of modernity.

    Some neo-Catholics style themselves as “conservative” and to the extent they uphold pro-life values they also are a leaven and a remnant. The problems come up with their compromises on modernist theology, liturgy, and the whole package of modernist slogans – New Evangelization, theology of the body, etc. They were able to keep their style of moderate conservatism going under John Paul II and Pope Benedict. The travesty of the Bergoglian pontificate has presented some dilemmas for them. It is possible that some might rethink their romance with Vatican II and see the weakness with that model for the Church and modernism.

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