Italy: “Jesus” replaced with “Peru” in Christmas carol so as not to offend Muslims

Italy: “Jesus” replaced with “Peru” in Christmas carol so as not to offend Muslims

[Also to celebrate Frankenpope’s upcoming “apostolic” visit to Peru?]

Every way one thinks of this comes out absurd. Of course they were singing Italian carols and not English ones, but the effect is no doubt the same: “Peru, Lord, at thy birth”? “Peru, the light of the world”? Anyway, it’s worse than absurd. It creates a cultural vacuum, and you know what they say about nature abhorring a vacuum. These children who are being brought up to believe that there is something a bit embarrassing and shameful about being Christian will soon enough be taught that it is quite noble and magnificent to be Muslim. Italy’s 1200-year history of resisting jihad conquest is doubtless already largely forgotten, and will soon be effaced altogether.

“‘Jesus’ replaced with ‘Perù’ in the Christmas carol in Italy not to offend Muslims,” European Post, January 1, 2018:

The word “Jesus” has been replaced with the word “Perù” in a Christmas carol in order not to offend the Muslims. This happened in a primary school near Pordenone, Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy), where a professor taught a Christmas carol but changed the lyrics: instead of the word “Jesus”, the teacher inserted the word “Peru” to avoid offending non-Christian students, local newspaper Il Mesaggero Veneto reports.

The case exploded when two of the children started to sing the song at home and their parents immediately recognized that there was something wrong. They asked for clarification from the school’s dean who didn’t know anything about the initiative.

Politics unanimously condemned the incident. Sandra Savino, MP and regional coordinator for Forza Italia (EPP) said that this initiative falsifies history and threatens our Christian tradition, using children of 8 years old to fight a political battle….

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