2017: Year of the Homosexual [rather, of the Sodomite (the Practitioners and Their Enablers)] in the Catholic Church?

2017: Year of the Homosexual [rather, of the Sodomite (the Practitioners and Their Enablers)] in the Catholic Church?

This year has been a year of increased pro-homosexual militancy amongst homosexual churchmen and their “homosexualist” allies in the clergy (that is, those churchmen who do not engage in the perversions of (e.g.) mutual masturbation, oral, anal “sex”, etc., themselves, but for various reasons support homosexual activity and gender ideology).

Now let us review some of the horrors of this past year: 
Monsignor Carlo “CarnEvil” Capella
Hiding in the Vatican, Pedophile-priest, Carlo Capella 
The low point of the year was the exposure of a pedophile Vatican diplomat, Carlo “Carnevil” Capella who is currently being hidden in Vatican City, hiding from Canadian and American police. Canadian police have an out-standing Canada-wide arrest warrant for this deviant who delights in looking at photos of naked children being sexually abused (probably many being literally tortured). One wonders if one of the reasons the Romans are so opposed to Donald Trump is because he has declared himself an implacable enemy of pedophiles. 
Did these corrupt churchmen rush Capella out of the USA for fear of Donald Trump? Are the Romans afraid that Trump may yet expose a massive international pedophile gang linking churchmen, politicians, the jet-set elite and powerful business interests? Notice too, dear friends that had an American diplomat allied to Trump been exposed as a pedophile and rushed back to the USA to be protected and hidden, there would have been an international uproar. Yet we are met with a huge, deafening silence. This only means that the international media are co-conspirators with the Vatican in covering up for pedophiles. 

Let us now review the evil antics of Monsignor Luigi “Cocaine” Capozzi.

Vatican Homosexual orgy and drugs-party organizer, Luigi Capozzi 

Capozzi’s homosexual orgy has drawn back the curtain (perhaps a French damask curtain?) on the Vatican itself as a haven of rampant homosexuality. Based on the information that was leaked out – a full scale orgy and party with cocaine – this hardly seems like the first time that Capozzi has organized an orgy. Unlike the rest of us, who would have been charged with trafficking, and held in jail for trial, Capozzi was quickly released from custody and taken to Monte Casino to relax, and go into hiding. 
The Romans have not even informed us why this evil, despicable man has not been charged under the Vatican’s so-called “Criminal Code”. Apparently, it is all for show. Deviously, the Romans removed Capozzi from active duty in the Pontifical Council of Legislative Texts. Obviously homosexual activity and drug use is not a concern for the “men”(?) who run the Vatican.

Here we are, months after the homosexual orgy, and what? NOTHING. Capozzi is not charged, nor suspended, nor de-frocked. No independent investigation has been launched into the other participants at the homosexual orgy and the use of and trafficking of large amounts of hard drugs. An ominous silence comes from the Vatican. One can only begin to wonder how all these homosexuals are interwoven with the all the decades of financial corruption and money laundering from the Vatican. Mafia, money, Masonry – a nasty mix – with a huge dose of sexual perversion and drugs/alcohol abuse. 

2017 has also seen a continued aggressive presence of the Homo-Jesuits. 

Gilles Mongeau S.J., celebrating Mass with a gay Rainbow stole 

Fr. James Martin S.J., and Fr. Gilles Mongeau S.J. both continued their subtle and not so subtle activity of spreading confusion, error, deception. Mongeau is a high-ranking Professor at the Jesuit-run Regis College at the University of Toronto and the spiritual advisor to the dissident group All Inclusive Ministries. Martin is a jet-setting celebrity priest who rubs shoulders with the “stars” and high-powered Prelates. This year has seen Martin building not a “bridge” for homosexuals, but rather a highway to Hell.  

We owe a special debt of thanks and gratitude to Joseph Sciambra for exposing the evils ofMartin and Mongeau. 

Now let us review the abominations and evils of the Homo-Franciscans. 

Franciscan dissenter and homosexualist Seno at the “Womens’ March”.
Notice the use of the raised fist of the communist. 

Holy Name Province in the United States is rapidly gaining notoriety as a base of homosexual propaganda.

Seno with a mentally sick young man dressed up as a woman

This blog documented (see herehere, and here) the strident dissent of both Christian Seno, Ramoncito Razon and Loren Moreno. Seno has even written in support of homosexual activity.Seno stated that the Church:

“prohibits LGBT persons from expressing the fullness of their humanity by excluding them from participating in healthy, generative relationships and mutual expressions of love”.

As I have written above, these “mutual expressions of love” are in reality, such unnatural, perverse and intrinsically evil actions such as mutual masturbation, oral and anal “sex”, etc.  Let us not be fooled, these “mutual expressions of love” by homosexuals is not smiling and sipping tea, but unnatural mutual genital activity. Such activity is sodomy.

For calling out these dissenting Franciscans, this blog was labeled “terrorist” by Seno. All of this is public, all of this cannot but be known by Seno’s Superiors at Holy Name Province. This just shows us the degree of evil, of deception, of diabolical disorientation that permeates the Homo-Franciscans.

Seno (left) in a dress
He, along with Ramoncito Razon, distinguished themselves as dissenters by opining that the wonderful group Courage, that has the approval of the Magisterium, should be make illegal. The hateful Razon has recently began spewing hatred towards Bishop Robert Morlino of Madison. One must presume that Ramoncito has the approval of his superiors at Holy Name Province.
Ramoncito Razon endorsing the homosexual “New Ways Ministry”, 
a group that openly promotes homosexual activity 

Jet-setting Fr. Daniel P. Horan, also a Franciscan, should not be forgotten for his on-going militant pro-homosexual dissent.

Homosexualist dissenter, Daniel P Horan 

It is also high time that Horan explain how he, as a Franciscan sworn to poverty, can afford plane tickets, hotels, etc., not to mention the considerable expenses of sporting equipment for serious semi-professional distance running. 

Daniel Horan – the poor Franciscan in expensive running gear &
his international schedule of Marathon events 

Finally, there are the Homo-Paulists of New York City.

A Homo-Paulist in New York City

This past year saw a lot of pro-homosexual propaganda being spewed forth by these wicked priests. Highly prominent amongst them is Fr. Edward Beck, rightly exposed by Vox Cantorisas a liar and a deceiver. 

Fr. Edward Beck with the demonic, militantly pro-abortion Mario Cuomo
Friends, hang onto your money. Watch your priests very, very carefully, watch how they live and what they preach. If your priest lives better than you that is a serious sign that he does not need your money. If he has “office hours”, he probably does not need your money. If he lives in a humble apartment, does not imbibe expensive wines, liquors and spirits, does not travel – he may be your man for a donation. If he preaches doctrine, speaks up against abortion, contraception and sexual perversions, he may be your man if, and only if, he lives humbly. But,be careful. Perhaps it is time to send your money to Africa where they REALLY need it.  
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  1. Putrid. Absolutely sickening. And you, Jorge Bergoglio, do nothing to stop this cancer in the Church? You are a BONEHEAD!. And, if you engage in a campaign against the bishops from Kazakhstan, you will have proven yourself to be an enemy of Christ.

  2. No words suffice.
    Worse, this only coarsens already compromised pew sitters, adding to the carnage.

  3. Louie V offered excerpts from Randy Engel’s history of this latest explosion of vice…


  4. They have put their views and conscience ahead of God’s Words. Mario Cuomo knows better now, God help them All before they reach their judgement day.

  5. The fact that bishops at best do nothing about this and at worst encourage it with fag parishes and ordinations is enough reason to stop funding the ENTIRE operation. Any Mass that’s approved by a USCCCP bishop should not receive a dime. (Those at FSSP parishes might want to hand their donation directly to the priest making clear it is for his sustenance, and telling him the reason there’s no big bucks in the parish envelope. If he tells you to get lost, then you’ll know where you stand.) Bishop’s appeals should fall on deaf ears. Tell them as long as there are in the US 1) faggot parishes, 2) fags and fems getting ordained, and 3) adults talking sex with school kids in the desensitization and recruitment program known as classroom sex-ed, then there will be no money coming from you.

  6. Good ideas, Cyprian.

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