Tonto, We’re in Big Trouble!

What you mean “we,” kemosabe? This is an old joke taken from the lines of the Lone Ranger, a TV show popular in the 50s. But, it has application to the circumstances in which the Church, especially the papacy, finds itself today. The papacy is in disarray and the cardinals offer no help whatsoever.

It took a long time to get to this point, where sinful acts are written off as matters of individual conscience and diocesan help squads are nowhere to be found. Indeed, bishops are openly disagreeing among themselves and priests are left to wonder what is going on. Many Catholics have resorted to finding a Church which follows Tradition and the authentic Magisterium of over 2,000 years.

We are left to wonder if there will be a “next” pope and whether such an individual can right the ship. Is Bishop Schnieder the one, or even Bishop Fellay? Will a candidate suddenly emerge from among the existing hierarchy as the true Vicar of Christ with the approval of the College of Cardinals and more importantly the Holy Spirit? Will this happen because the two claimants to the papal throne are suddenly called to eternal life by the Heavenly Father? Questions abound; answers not much.

But one thing we do know and can rest assured of: Christ Himself is still in charge and will never let the Faithful perish. Not now, not ever, so continue to pray and believe in Him. He will not fail us.

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