Frankenpope Wants Church “Totally Subdued To Progressivism”

Frankenpope Wants Church “Totally Subdued To Progressivism”

[Don’t forget the 2018 prediction by Fr. Ruff, SOB, on the PrayTell liberal liturgists’ blog that to insure his succession (which B16 did not do after his abdication):]

Pope Francis will add 6 voting cardinals … on June 29, 2018 [to replace] six cardinals aging out in the coming year by turning 80, the last of them by June 8, 2018. … In doing so, he will have appointed 54 out of 120 electors. Less likely but not to be ruled out: Francis will increase the total number of cardinal electors so that he can appoint a few dozen more of his own men. – 1//3/18

Before Christmas Pope Francis named fourteen cardinals as members of different Vatican congregations. According to Il Giornale they are all in line with Pope Francis’ ideological stances.

Referring to an anonymous source the newspaper compares Francis with Benedict XVI. This source says that Benedict XVI did not govern and “maintained a pluralistic Church” by taking into account the different currents in the Church.

This has radically changed with the arrival of Francis “who wants a Church in his image and likeness, a Church that is totally subdued to progressivism.”

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