Frankenpope is Ireland’s Favourite World Leader

Frankenpope is Ireland’s Favourite World Leader

[Possibly because of the following from Gloria.TV News for 1/4/17 – especially in view of Frankenpope’s planned August 2018 visit to Ireland shortly before or after that country’s planned referendum to legalize abortion]

Doctrine in an Air Raid Shelter: Sandro Magister notices on his blog that no one listens to Pope Francis when he makes pro-life or pro-family statements. Magister believes that Francis is “perfectly content” with this. According to Magister, Francis speaks about pro-life or pro-family issues in the places and moments most sheltered from attack. But when the political battle is raging he remains silent. Magister comments, “Francis preserves the Church’s traditional doctrine this way, as in an air raid shelter.” – 1/3/18

Pope Francis is the most popular world leader among Irish people according to an international opinion poll published on December 29 by the Worldwide Independent Network. 78 per cent of the Irish identify as Catholics.

Francis was viewed favourably by 70 per cent of the Irish respondents and unfavourably by 21 per cent. Mr Trump polls an 82 per cent unfavourable rating.

At the same time, the Irish Church is in a deep crisis. Its downfall has accelerated during the pontificate of Pope Francis.

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