Do We Need to “Radically Reorient the Catholic Church”?

Do We Need to “Radically Reorient the Catholic Church”?

[Whatever Blasé (promounced “Blah-zay”) Cardinal Soupy-ish says (or thinks) that Frankenpope (and he) mean by “radical” as “liberal”, both words (in theory and practice) are disasters for the Church and society]

by Father Reto Nay – 1/2/18

In his 2013 pre-conclave intervention, Cardinal Bergoglio did “radically reorient the Catholic Church” according to Chicago Cardinal Blase Cupich.

Writing for the America Magazine (December 29) Cupich adds that Francis “radically rethinks ecclesial life” by calling the Church a field hospital.

Cupich continues with buzzwords, “This means placing the needs of others before our own.” Or, “The ‘field hospital church’ is the antithesis of the ‘self-referential church’.”

The cardinal seems to like the word “radical” which in his context means “liberal”. The liberal recipe has proven to be a disaster for the Church, not only for the Catholic Church.

And which Church is more “self-referential” than the Church that replaces Gospel and Tradition with a trendy, man-made liberal ideology?

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3 comments on “Do We Need to “Radically Reorient the Catholic Church”?

  1. With all due respect if you don’t know the answer to the question, far be it for me to try and answer it Still “we” can’t do it; it’s in the hands of Almighty God now as Satan is having his field day. Remember our battle is against Principalities and Powers.

  2. Reorient? NovusOrdo guys will want to keep a pie tin in their pants.

  3. Not in the progressive way modernist suggest.

    However, there needs to be a public service campaign to catechize and explain to people that Christmas isn’t just one day and doesn’t end the day after the 25th. Maybe Bergoglio, Dolan, Chaput & Co. could look into that?

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