A New Year Prediction: Vatican Will Greenlight ‘Gay Unions’ in 2018

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Happy New Year!  First, the good news: the world didn’t end in 2017.  We’re still here, and unless something cataclysmic happens in the next few hours, we were evidently spared a much-deserved Divine chastisement.

The bad news?  We still have the leadership we deserve. The so-called ‘dictator pope’ may have started his pontificate at the bottom but over the course of 2017 he found a way to go down. In fact, his papal expedition down to theological La La Land has its sights set on October 2018.

So, to the prediction: I predict that before this New Year comes to an end, Pope Francis will—either directly or indirectly—find a way to bless and approve so-called “gay unions”.

I make this prediction not to be provocative, but rather in the hope of helping the remaining Neo-Catholic holdouts come to grips with what’s going on with this pontificate. As I see it, they’ve got only a few months left in which to make up their minds: Are they going to go along with the calculated destruction of the human element of Christ’s Church, or are they going to stand up and resist?

Admittedly, this is a tough call for those who’ve spent their lives laboring under the false impression that, to the man, modern Popes are saints in waiting whose every whim is inspired by God and thus beyond reproach—an attitude which bears little resemblance to the Church’s actual teaching on the theology of the papacy, of course, but there you have it.  This is what the neo-Catholics believe, and I fear they are going to have that belief shaken to its core when October’s World Synod of Bishops on Young People finds a way to more or less endorse the legitimacy of “gay unions.”

There is no doubt in my mind, in fact, that this is going to happen. It’s going to be done in the name of mercy, of course, and it will be guided by conscience and pastoral sensitivity, after having been thoroughly justified on the grounds of data being collected from the world’s young people right now.

During his unsettling address in St. Mary Major back on April 8, 2017, Pope Francis set the stage for these and whatever other massive youth-driven changes he decides to impose in 2018:

This evening marks a double beginning.  It is the beginning of the journey towards the Synod, which has a very long name – “Young People, the Faith and Vocational Discernment”, but we can just call it the Synod of Young People.  That way it is easier to understand!  It is also a second beginning, the beginning of our journey to Panama.  The Archbishop of Panama is with us, and I greet him warmly.

We have listened to the Gospel, prayed, sung and brought flowers to the Madonna, our Mother.  We also brought the World Youth Day cross, which has come from Kraków and will be handed over tomorrow to the young people from Panama.  From Kraków to Panama, with the Synod in between.  A Synod from which no young person should feel excluded!

Some people say: “Let’s hold the Synod for young Catholics, for those belonging to Catholic groups; that way it will be better”.  No!  The Synod is meant to be the Synod for and of all young people.  Young people are its protagonists.  “But even young people who consider themselves agnostics?”  Yes!  “Even young people whose faith is lukewarm?”  Yes!  “Even young people who no longer go to Church?”  Yes!  “Even young people who – I don’t know if there are any here, maybe one or two – consider themselves atheists?”  Yes!  This is the Synod of young people and we want to listen to one another.  Every young person has something to say to others.  He or she has something to say to adults, something to say to priests, sisters, bishops and even the Pope.  All of us need to listen to you!

Never mind that Catholic youth today have nothing to say since they are being taught nothing, the Pope is still going to go consult them—the most under educated (and ill-catechized) Catholics in history.  He’s then going to do whatever they want, because what they want is what he wants—no more rules, just “love and mercy”.

You can cut the irony here with a knife. The very men responsible for disenfranchising millions of young people in the first place, are now going to consult those same young people on how to similarly disenfranchise the entire world of still-practicing Catholics.

The 2018 Synod will be all about sex, which is why the Vatican needs the input of the most over-sexed generation in history—the folks intentionally brought to a level of alarming ignorance of moral theology and the Precepts of the Church that they no longer even know what they are.

A recent RTV short video features Archbishop Alexander Sample rightly decrying the fact that Catholic young people today are so lost they don’t even know who they are anymore:


In his comments on this year-long Vatican consultation with the world’s intentionally dumbed-down Catholic youth, Voice of the Family’s Matthew McCusker observes:

The (preparatory) document seems to be setting the stage for a synodal process which will put ‘young people’ forward as the arbiters of what the Church should do and teach…

We foresee the Synod Secretariat presenting requests from ‘young people’ for changes in Catholic doctrine and practice, which will then be presented as evidence that the Church needs to change her fundamental beliefs. The ‘young people’ in question can, of course, be preselected and manipulated to serve predetermined ends”…

Faithful Catholics must prepare themselves for the inevitable escalation of this new assault on the Church, in which her own ill-catechized and malformed youth will be used against her. Those who control the mechanisms of power in the Vatican have given ample of proof of the extent to which they will go to spread their own perverted and distorted ‘gospel,’ in the place of the true gospel revealed once and for all by Our Lord Jesus Christ.”

To reiterate: Pope Francis is going to find a way to bless and approve gay unions in 2018 Synod on Young People, just as the synods on the family found a way to bless and approve public adulterers.

Never going to happen?  Dear God, I hope not, but after all we’ve seen from Francis’s Vatican thus far, only a fool would never say never. And even if you want to be foolish and go the Jimmy Akin route, please ask yourself this:What are you going to do if you’re wrong? Will you go along with it? Next Christmas, will you be adding your voice of approval to the Vatican’s de facto blessing of sodomitical relationships?  Never gonna happen? Are you sure?

It’s an important question, because if we’re right, and all of this comes to pass, nobody will be allowed to sit this out. If through one means or another, the Vatican ramrods acceptance of “gay unions” through, not one of us will be able to conscientiously object (on religious grounds) when the secularist hate hunters come after us, our small universities, our home-schools, our local pastors for teaching the traditional Catholic moral theology. Forget about cake makers! This is about every one of us.

If Catholics don’t stand up and ‘resist Peter to his face’, 2018 may well go down as a year of infamy when the pope became instrumental in forcing faithful Catholics to bless and approve one of the four sins that cries to heaven for vengeance.  (According to the traditional teaching of the Church, including the new Catechism of the Catholic Church, those sins have been categorized as four distinct heinous acts: willful murder, the sin of Sodom, oppression of the poor, and defrauding laborers of their wages.)

So what are we going to do when Francis decides otherwise?

The Vatican must be stopped; and if the neo-Catholics finally wake up and join the Traditional Catholic counterrevolution, who knows—history may cite the Year of Our Lord 2018 as the turning point…the beginning of the end of the Modernist Crisis in the Catholic Church.

Please God!  Let’s pray for just such a massive Catholic awakening between now and next October.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

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One comment on “A New Year Prediction: Vatican Will Greenlight ‘Gay Unions’ in 2018

  1. Let me posit this turn of events. Recall how Wojtyla’s “Familiaris Consortio” awarded celibate adulterers with Holy Communion, i.e., even though they’d been living an adulterous life together, if Dave now sleeps in the basement, they’re good to go. Then Bergoglio “expanded” on that with a footnote in his infamous letter.

    Suppose Bergoglio uses this model, e.g., two queers living together decide that they’ll go “celibate” (it’s the wrong use of the word — more below), and Bruce sleeps in the basement. Bergoglio then invokes the Wojtyla model and says there’s no impediment for them to receive. He then leaves it to Bergolio II to write a “Joy of Sodomy” letter with a footnote. Then we’re off to the races!

    It’s not right to use the term celibate to describe giving up sodomy. It would be like Charlie Manson giving up murder, and being called magnanimous and pro-life. Celibacy is offering up to God what one might otherwise rightfully enjoy. Sodomites, on the other hand, are under penalty of damnation to cease their behavior. Yes, there will be joy in Heaven if they do desist, but it does not qualify as virtue.

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