Randy Engel is on a crusade against Opie Dopie via AKA Catholic

[Randy Engel is on a crusade against Opie Dopie via AKA Catholic]


NOTE [from Louie Verrecchio]: It is my privilege to publish this new series of articles from the indefatigable Randy Engel delving into the often secretive affairs of the Prelature of Opus Dei.

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Please … keep this tireless soldier for Christ and her family in your prayers.


“The things of Opus Dei – Where is the power of Opus today,

how does it exercise it, who is channeling it, in what media does

it influence or where does its pressure flow, how does it regulate

the credits and to whom does it grant, if it does or can it do so?”

Quote from Jordi Garcia, OpusLibros


Dear Friend and Foe Alike –

Welcome to OD WATCH, a monthly selection of news, documents and commentaries on the Prelature of Opus Dei from around the world.

In addition to being published at akaCatholic, these articles are sent via email directly to readers who have asked to be on the OD WATCH mailing list.

I am sure that in addition to former members of OD and their families as well as Catholics and non-Catholics who are interested in knowing more about the Prelature, there are OD priests, numeraries, supernumeraries, servants of Opus Dei, aka, numerary assistants, and cooperators on the list, and I am happy for that. The more readers – the merrier – and the wiser!

The attached reference sheet of OD apostolates, schools, residences, centers, and foundations will continue to be updated. Keep it handy.

Lastly, you are free to send this e-mail far and wide and to post it on your website. Much of the material used in OD WATCH is not original except for my commentaries. So, if you wish to use it, in whole or in part, please, always give credit to the source where credit is due.

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If you’ve been wondering what OD Watch is all about, you will find your answer in the above opening quote by Jordi Gracia in an article titled, “The things of Opus Dei” which appeared in OpusLibros a while back.

OpusLibros at is a Spanish language site. It is also one of the best websites on Opus Dei in the world. Thanks to Google Translate which has vastly improved over the years, one simply inserts the link to the article you want translated from Spanish to English, hit translate, and away you go.

Welcome aboard!
Randy Engel

[Each issue is long (very long); thus, for the first issue only the date (with a link to the full text on AKA Catholic) along with the author, title, and opening paragraph(s) of each article are listed, and for the second one, only Randy’s introductory description of its contents]

November 2018

An Interview with Miguel Fisac

Seventeen years ago, Opus Dei Awareness Network (ODAN) produced a remarkable interview with the award-winning Spanish architect Miguel Fisac, one of the early members of Opus Dei and an intimate of its founder, Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer for almost two decades (1936-1955).

Logically speaking, Mr. Fisac would have been a natural and key witness to testify at the Cause of beatification of Msgr. Escrivá, but his request was rejected by the tribunal in charge of the case on the basis that he (Fisac) was “psychologically unbalanced” and demonstrated “pathological scruples with obsessive manifestations, permanent anxiety and (a) persecution complex.” In other words, Mr. Eisac’s truthful testimony along with that of other rejected testimonies by Maria del Carmen Tapia, Dr. John Roche and other critics of Opus Dei would probably have sunk the Cause.

Opus Dei Guidebook – This comprehensive website has the best translations of heretofore secret Opus Dei internal and external documents and Vatican documents related to the Prelature.

Leopards in the Temple; by John Martin

Leopards break into the temple and drink the sacrificial chalices dry. This happens again and again, repeatedly. Finally, it can be counted on beforehand and becomes part of the ceremony-Franz Kafka, Parables

One of the most lasting and profound critiques about the inordinate ordination of Escrivá in particular, and Opus Dei in general, is John Martin’s “Leopards in the Temple: Opus Dei, Escriva, and John Paul II’s Rome” …

December 2018

Dear Friend and Foe alike – Welcome to the second issue of OD WATCH which features an important Opuslibros commentary on Opus Dei and the deformation of the Catholic conscience of its members, and a second shorter article on Opus Dei and its resemblance to the” “Ministry of Truth” found in Orwell’s 1984.

From my first introduction to Opuslibros, one of the things that immediately impressed me about the commentaries posted on this website is the obvious love and genuine concern, unmarred by bitterness and hatred, that former members of the Prelature have for their brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, friends and relatives who remain in the sect or have exited from it and are attempting to recover, to the degree possible, from their Opus Dei experience.

The first lengthy article, AD MENTEM PATRIS (According to the Father’s Mind) by “Heraldo,” appeared on Opuslibrus on March 3, 2013. I have made only minor edits to the English translation in order not to disturb the moving spirit and simple rhythm of the article. There is one shocking use of profanity. I left it in because it expresses the horror that we should all feel after reading this account of Opus Dei’s seduction of a young boy whose father had died, and whose mother was unable to conquer her own fears and defend her son against the powerful sect.

In this major work on the mind of Escriva, the author tackles many universal issues surrounding the Work including the deification of the founder and the institution, and the irreformability of the Work due to the lack of will on the part of its supreme councils to reform, or even worse, the lack of recognition that the Work is even in need of reform.

The second, much shorter commentary by “Salypimienta,” was posted in Spanish on November 22, 2017. In the introduction to “From Orwell’s 1984 The Ministry of Truth,” the author asks herself if the demise of Opus Dei may be imminent given the perversity of the Prelature. One of the responses to her question came from a friend, a former numerary, who convinced the author that Opus Dei is destined to remain for the simple reason that the work was protected by the devil. Otherwise, how else is it possible that an institution can have sinister practices and continue to crush people without anyone moving a finger?

This appears to be a pressing question which the Holy See and the Pope have yet to acknowledge much less answer!

A Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.
Randy Engel

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One comment on “Randy Engel is on a crusade against Opie Dopie via AKA Catholic

  1. From the comments by the escapee from Opium Daze, it seems possible the cult may already be slowly losing its mojo.
    One may always hope.
    The late Canon Gregory Hesse stated that the Arrriiiba Escriva mob was the power behind the throne in precipitating what we may now call the Revolution of 1962 – 1965. That makes sense insofar as OD literature, the only source Canon Hesse would ever refer to, brags about Escriva’s openly admitting unrepentant Communists join his merry band.
    Splice that tidbit with Italian nobleman Bellegrande’s own history of the tragedy (“NikitaRomcalli”, available online) and the hot water Pope John XXIII twice immersed his jolly self into by cutting Italian Reds a lot of slack, prior to his coronation, and things do begin to add up.

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