Catholic League president Bill Donohue compares President Barack Obama’s first year in office on religious liberty issues to that of President Donald Trump’s:

There may be no issue which shows how far apart President Barack Obama and President Donald Trump are than religious liberty. The following is a chronological account of important religious liberty issues that both presidents addressed in their first year in office.


Three days after assuming office, Obama announced that he would overturn restrictions on funding abortions overseas.

Less than a week later, he said he would restore U.S. funding to the U.N. Population Fund, which pays for abortion.

In February 2009, Obama’s newly designed Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships was announced. Its focus was not religious liberty. Instead, its goal was to decide on a case by case basis which funding requests were constitutionally acceptable, calling into question the hiring rights of religious non-profits.

In March, Obama appointed Kathleen Sebelius as Secretary of Health and Human Services. An abortion-rights zealot, she was a defender of Dr. George Tiller, who performed more than 60,000 abortions. She also accepted money from him.

Obama lifted restrictions on federal funding of embryonic stem cell research, thus allowing the government to be in the business of killing nascent human life.

Dawn Johnsen was nominated to be assistant attorney general in charge of the Office of Legal Counsel. She started her legal career in the 1980s by working with the ACLU to strip the Catholic Church of its tax exempt status.

Harry Knox was appointed to the Advisory Council of the faith-based initiative. He had been denied ordination in the United Methodist Church for being a sexually active homosexual. He denounced Pope Benedict XVI’s comments on AIDS, calling the pontiff a liar. He also maligned the Knights of Columbus.

When Obama spoke at Georgetown University, his advance team insisted on covering up all religious statues so that none would be seen on television.

The Obama administration reopened a case against Belmont Abbey College, challenging the school’s decision not to cover abortion, artificial contraception, and sterilization in its health care coverage.

Obama rolled out his health care bill, which included funding for abortion.

In September 2009, Kevin Jennings was appointed Safe School Czar. He was known for promoting unsafe sex practices at several homosexual conferences, and for his

Christian bashing. He also publicly condemned God.

Chai Feldblum was nominated to join the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. She was known for arguing that sexual rights, which are nowhere mentioned in the Constitution, should trump religious rights, which are cited in the First Amendment.

The religious elements of Christmas at the White House were downplayed. Ornaments of a mass killer were displayed on a White House Christmas tree.


On February 1, 2009, Trump chose Judge Neil Gorsuch to take Antonin Scalia’s place on the U.S. Supreme Court. Gorsuch is a strong proponent of religious liberty, holding that conscience rights are paramount.

Trump endorsed educational equality, championing the cause of tax incentives to businesses that fund private schools. He directed his support for school choice at poor minority families.

Trump issued an executive order on religious liberty which, while lacking specifics, sent a clear message to his cabinet on how to proceed with such matters.

A bill to allow the states to strip funding from Planned Parenthood was signed into law by Trump.

The “Trump Effect” was noted in several states that chose to pass bills restricting abortion.

A decision to provide direct assistance to persecuted Christians in the Middle East was announced.

A religious exemption to Obama’s HHS mandate was granted by Trump.

The religious elements of Christmas at the White House were celebrated.

The stark contrast between the two administrations’ approach to religious liberty was illuminated in two Rasmussen surveys. In 2014, under Obama, 30 percent of the public said government was a protector of religious liberty; 48 percent saw it as a threat.

In October 2017, under Trump, 39 percent named government as a protector of religious liberty; 38 percent saw it as a threat.

The conclusion is obvious: Obama was not a religious-friendly president, but Trump surely is.

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  3. “Bundle Up!” Why Trump Is The Troll Emperor

    DEC 29 ’17
    Posted by Mundabor


    I never liked the expression “God Emperor” referred to Donald Trump; I never did it because, whilst having its obvious roots in the Roman Empire, it does sound vaguely blasphemous to these Christian ears.

    However, Trump truly is a guy that seems to keep doing what he does so well (not only running a country, but enraging snowflakes whilst having a lot of fun in the process) with great energy even as a President.

    Take the tweets he sent about so-called Global Warming.

    It’s funny and ferocious. It’s sound common sense and ferocious mockery. It’s what other Heads of State don’t do, because they are too dumb and conformist for that, and could never pull it off the way Trump does. Trump is an oasis of sanity in a world run by conformist, incompetent nincompoops, the obvious product of the Age of Madness in which Western democracies have descended.

    Dumb voters produce dumb leaders. It’s the bane of democracy.

    Trump’s religion is Christianity, not global warming. This would be good enough in itself. But what is even funnier is to see this man having a laugh at the stupid priests of the new religion of non-existing “consensus” and even more absurd (an oxymoron is there ever was one) “settled science”, and enjoying “triggering” all those pothead and assorted retards of the vast Losers’ Galaxy.

    Trump has remained Trump. He has not transformed himself into another tofuhead spouting platitudes. He keeps attacking, keeps provoking, and keeps having fun as he teaches Libtards how to think or, more likely, enjoys their inability to do so.

    We need more of this on our side, too. The Catholic blog world keeps being too nice, too afraid of “offending”, too much concerned with polite discourse and with the gentlest rules of engagements. Our enemies don’t return the favour. Many more of us should forget the white gloves and start trolling these people relentlessly. If a President of the United States can do it, so can a humble blogger.

    Thank God for this exceptional man. God willing, 2018 will bring not only more winning, but a lot of fun, too.

  4. We need more of this on our side, too. The Catholic blog world keeps being too nice, too afraid of “offending”, too much concerned with polite discourse and with the gentlest rules of engagements. Our enemies don’t return the favour. Many more of us should forget the white gloves and start trolling these people relentlessly.

    A call-out to AQ! Hey, NiceIsNasty, any thoughts?

    • I think it was Chesterton who said something like “The last thing that the road to hell is paved with is good intentions”.
      It isn’t good intentions that are nasty, and lead others to hell, it is nice intentions. That is, it is the intention to sacrifice Truth (i.e. God) to human respect — as Pilate did.
      Sed caveat emptor!
      It is even possible to be too nice to God.
      What do I mean with that apparent blasphemy?
      Just this:
      Satan will knock you down any way he can. As a retreat master I know once said “Satan doesn’t care whether you fall forward or backward — as long as you fall. If he sees that you are weak, and inclined to sin anyway, he will simply push on you until you fall on your backside. If he sees that you are zealous, and willing to resist his temptations and fight for God, he will push and push — then suddenly step back and let you fall on your face.”
      What’s the cause of the faceplant?
      Love of God to the extreme of hating your neighbor.
      Yes, it’s quite possible to sacrifice God to the respect you have of yourSELF, and your own *pretended* intentions to serve Him.
      O Dimond brothers, are you listening?

  5. I refer one and all to the classic “Liberalism IS a Sin”, specifically the chapter on personal polemics.
    It is a gem.

  6. Columbo: Oh. Well, what do ya know? All these Alinskyites in the FBI, the DOJ, Fusion GPS, the Deep State, and the Hillary campaign…they all knew one another from long before.

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    Green Hornet: I told you, Kato. Batman is fond of visual metaphors and analogies.

    Kato: It seems the Boy Wonder is too.

    Agent Mulder: How do I look, Scully?

    The Chief: Max, you’ve got to get changed into that Mad Hatter’s costume for the Deep State party in Georgetown tonight.

    Maxwell Smart: Couldn’t I go dressed as Zorro or the Lone Ranger?

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