Cardinal Marx Asks To “Respect” Gay Fornication [i.e., Sodomy]

Cardinal Marx Asks To “Respect” Gay Fornication [i.e., Sodomy] – 12/28/17

Polemicising against “blind rigorism” Munich Cardinal Reinhard Marx de facto asked to abolish Catholic sexual ethics.

Talking to the German Herder-Korrespondenz (January) Marx claimed that it is wrong to say „from the outside” that somebody lives in a state of mortal sin. Marx was referring to homosexual fornication.

At the same time he defended “situation ethics”, a heresy condemned by the Church because it allows a perpetrator to blame his crimes on some “situation”.

For Marx, more important than the Gospel or the teaching of the Church is “respect for a free decision”. This means that the last task of Marx’ dying Church is to justify vices and mortal sins.

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