Vatican Promoted Liberalism Shows Its Effect

Vatican Promoted Liberalism Shows Its Effect

From Gloria.TV News for 12/27/17

Attendance at Christmas Midnight Mass in Italy is waning. collected the witness of insiders in the archdiocese of Milan, Italy, the biggest diocese of the world. An organist, speaking on the condition of anonymity, told that – quote – “this year there was a noticeable drop in attendance at Midnight Mass”. For some years now the Italian Church has fallen prey to Vatican promoted theological liberalism which is known for emptying the churches.

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3 comments on “Vatican Promoted Liberalism Shows Its Effect

  1. The Italian Church has for a long time fallen prey to progressivism/liberalism. The school of Bologna, founded by Guiseppe Dossetti, for example, has always preached a certain upper middle class bourgeosie false and excessive sense of mercy and love. The spoiled rich kids syndrome that thinks that the whole world is just so touchy feelly nice that putting aside Christ that divides us, and is not relevant to any problems, only secular philanthropy and humanism is needed to make every one happier and cure all social evils.

  2. Aside from the liberalizing trends in the liturgy and the aging population, it is also the Vigil Masses that are killing Midnight Mass attendance and Christmas Day Masses… and also Sunday Mass attendance.

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