Vatican Has Turned into a Surveillance State

Vatican Has Turned into a Surveillance State – 12/27/17

The level of control over emails, landlines and even on some categories of mobile phones in the Vatican is reaching levels “that would be envied even by North Korea” according to Marco Tosatti.

Writing on his blog (December 21) Tosatti points out that during his Christmas speech Francis openly threatened the Curia. According to Tosatti these words “would not have been different if they had been pronounced in the 1970s by a Chinese Communist Party secretary.”

For Tosatti this is a sign that the level of discomfort in the Curia grows, apart from the tops of the dicasteries, now almost completely named by Francis or approved by his regime. Therefore, Francis must resort to explicit threats, “certainly never heard on the mouth of a Vicar of Christ”, Tosatti writes.

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2 comments on “Vatican Has Turned into a Surveillance State

  1. Nobody expects the Argentinian Inquisition! Our weapons are fear. And surprise.

  2. Fearless Leader: Badenov! Why does media love pope? The people must love me!

    Boris Badenov: But Fearless Leader, here is master plan. Alt/trad bloggers paint pope as dictator, and conservative media chimes in, too!

    Fearless Leader: I am Dictator! Plan is no good!

    Boris: Plan works, Fearless Leader. People hate dictator pope, but love ruthless Communist murderer dictators. Alt/trads deep-six pope, and you will be loved!

    Natasha: Oh Boris! How deviously brilliant!

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