Satire becomes reality

Satire becomes reality

I first came across this humorous satire in 2010, I posted it on Facebook and it came up this morning in the memory feed. It was sent to me by a Catholic friend. When I asked him years earlier about his conversion and what he converted from, his response was, “Communism!’

How odd that given the babbling “homilies” of Father Bergoglio this Christmas we should find this and the realization that all these headlines could actually serve as papal homilies.

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One comment on “Satire becomes reality

  1. This also strikes me as a lesson in why Our Lord came at the time in history He did — the “fullness of time.” To have come later, in the time when the peddlers of incredulity and gullibility began to wreak havoc on the minds of all, with little regard for truth, printing whatnot and sending it far and wide, who would have believed the Incarnation? We pride ourselves today on being well informed, with the tools of science at our sides. But few today can hold a candle to the great minds of the past who had to work overtime to distill truth, and proved a better gauge of it.

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