Nuncio in Switzerland, “The Old Latin Mass is the future of the Church”

Nuncio in Switzerland, “The Old Latin Mass is the future of the Church”

[But Frankenpope, invoking magisterial authority, said we can’t go back (“The reform of the liturgy is irreversible”), although he did go back to undo the 2001 Liturgical Instruction “Liturgiam authenticam” concerning translations] – 12/26/17

“The Old Latin Mass is the future of the Church”, Archbishop Thomas Gullickson (67), the nuncio to Switzerland and former nuncio to the Ukraine, said in September during a meeting with old rite priests in Sankt Pelagiberg, Switzerland.

The quotation is reported by Father Michael Wildfeuer, a mathematician and former member of the Priestly Society of Saint Pius X, in an interview published on (December 23).

Wildfeuer describes Gullickson as a very educated and easygoing American.

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11 comments on “Nuncio in Switzerland, “The Old Latin Mass is the future of the Church”

  1. See he’s only an Archbishop not a Cardinal elector – shunted off to the diplomatic corps to do Francis’s bidding. Nevertheless, he knows the truth. It must truly irritate the impostor pope to hear these views.

    • “imposter pope”

      Who’s the “real” pope?

      • My answer Cyp is that we don’t really know and that is precisely the tactic the modernists are using to implement their agenda. Francis could be, the real pope if only he would discard the modernist heresies he embraces and returns to the true Faith. Benedict XVI could be if he would rise up and say: I am the Vicar of Christ and shall rule as such. Unfortunately, neither of these events appear to be in the offing. But, we have never been promised how long the interregnum would last – only that Christ would be with His Church to the End.

  2. Out here in CA the “In & Out” hamburger franchise thrives. I refer to it merely to segue into the matter of “Pope In & Out” hisself, the rascally simoniac and perversely scandalous Pope Benedict IX. He quit twice and ruled thrice.
    And yet, he is still recognized as a Successor of St. Peter by the Church. So will it ever be with Habemus Pampas, barring a future papal anathema – which may not be out of the question IF a solid canonical case were to be presented, someday… maybe.
    Canon Gregory Hesse, STD, STL of most happy memory stressed the fact that, at its core, a papal election is an administrative action, not a Sacrament. Thus, despite the divine institution of the office, per se, and the appropriateness of petitioning for divine aid in deciding upon a worthy successor, it has sometimes been the case that entirely unworthy men were crowned pope.
    The most consistent approach over centuries has been for Church hierarchs, in most cases, to return quietly to the task of electing a hopefully better man once a manifestly failed pope has departed the scene.

  3. And, yes, yes, yes! I do know that the cardinalatial population is currently as wacky as “other high officials” and that Perolin or Tagle would be just as radical. My comment was meant only as an historical perspective and not a suggestion that undoing THE SACKING of the Holy See, a work dating back sixty years, now, would quickly or easily be accomplished.

  4. Again, my response would be it will be Our Lord who will designate His Vicar on earth if, indeed, He decides to do so, keeping in mind the fact that He never promised how long the interregnum would be. There are a number of ways He could do this including as once happened on earth over two thousand years ago: “This my beloved Son; hear him.”
    However, I choose to believe in a less dramatic way, such as removing both current claimants to His throne and causing the College of Cardinals to vote, and vote, and vote again until the correct choice was made. (Pitch black smoke until time for the white smoke has occurred) Merry Christmas.

  5. Merry Christmas, Colonel! 🌲

  6. And the Lord sayeth, “Oops, I guess I let My vIcar get a little out of control.”

  7. I know thou speakest tongue in cheekest.
    But…the Lord maketh not mistakes, ergo He never sayeth “Oops!”
    Neither wast the creation of man — and the free will man possesseth — a mistake.
    The Church of the Lord never hath defined that the pope is impeccable; id est, incapable of sin…most fortunately, since Peter himself, as the Word of God most clearly relateth, hath sinned.
    Nor hath it been defined that the pope can never commit the sin of heresy. That means that it is at least possible that a pope — even knowingly and with full consent — may deny a dogma of the Faith.
    The sin of heresy IS possible to a pope, because the the impossibility thereof hath never been defined as an article of Faith.
    Moreover, the *vast* majority of approved theologians have taught the same.
    As for that the mere fact that, because the College of Cardinals hath elected Joe Blow to the papacy, this is somehow a guarantee that the Holy Spirit involveth Himself, and thus the right man for the job wast necessarily elected…the word existeth not to describe the infinite stupidity of suchlike opinions, for which no one produceth the slightest shred of evidence — least of all the strongest evidence possible…that of historical fact.
    On the other hand, the very idea that some private individual may take upon himself to declare definitively that a given pope hath lost his office through heresy…this is INSANITY. Might as well say that some skidrow bum in New York can declare that Trump’s election was invalid — *and* that everyone should actually follow his opinion on this, and run Trump out of the country on a rail. If we should follow his opinion on this, why not follow the absolute contrary opinion…that of some skidrow bum in San Francisco?

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