Frankenpope defends embattled Cardinal Maradiaga against charges of financial and other improprieties

Frankenpope defends embattled Cardinal Maradiaga [against charges of financial and other improprieties]

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Catholic World News – December 26, 2017

Pope Francis has strongly supported Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga against charges of financial improprieties, suggesting that the charges are an unjust attack on the Honduran prelate.

“I’m sorry for all the evil they have done against you, but do not you worry,” the Pope said in a message to Cardinal Maradiaga, made public on the Vatican News web site.

Cardinal Maradiaga—who chairs the Council of Cardinals advising Pope Francis on Vatican reforms—said that the charges against him were really “an attack on the Holy Father,” prompted by “those who do not want the Curia reformed” [or rather corrupted in financial and other affairs?].

The Honduran cardinal said that the reporter who wrote the story about a Vatican investigation into his financial affairs was lacking in “professional ethics” and had no real credibility [i.e., “shoot the messenger because of the message”].

Sandro Magister of L’Espresso, who broke the story that Cardinal Maradiaga had received large payments from a Catholic university in Honduras, is a veteran Vatican journalist who, although often controversial, has an established track record of accuracy. And the Vatican has confirmed an investigation into financial [and other] affairs of the Church in Honduras, although not necessarily a focus on Cardinal Maradiaga.

Church spokesman in Honduras have said that the large sums relayed from the University of Tegucigalpa were used for the general needs of the archdiocese. The National Catholic Register has reported that figures for the Archdiocese of Tegucigalpa show “spending running into the millions, but with no particulars.”

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2 comments on “Frankenpope defends embattled Cardinal Maradiaga against charges of financial and other improprieties

  1. Well, sunny Nuovo Roma locuta est, causa finita est, right?
    ( Whispered from off stage: Psssssst! Hey, Mr. Sunshine, this IS Maradiaga we’re dealing with! Here’s a nickel. Go buy a clue. )

  2. Cardinal Maradiaga’s explanation does not compute

    By Phil Lawler | Dec 26, 2017

    A Catholic university in Honduras has been sending $40,000 or more monthly to Cardinal Maradiaga, who chairs the Council of Cardinals. Hmmm.

    Don’t worry; the archdiocese explains; the funds were not intended for the cardinal’s personal use; they were for the general needs of the Archdiocese of Tegucigalpa. Oh, all right then.

    But wait a minute. How does a Catholic university, in an impoverished country, have $40,000 a month to spare? We’ve all heard of Catholic schools that are subsidized by the local diocese. But have you ever heard of a Catholic diocese subsidized by a local school?

    Does not compute.

    There may be an innocent explanation for the funds pouring into Cardinal Maradiaga’s accounts. This isn’t it.

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