The Dictator Santa

Monday, 25 December 2017
The scandals surrounding Santa Claus show no signs of ending, and this week children were horrified to see that “Santa’s Grotto” in the Rome branch of VaticoTM featured a nude elf. Moreover, there were allegations of corruption at the North Pole, where Maradona the Gnome was rumoured to have had his hand of God in the till.

Did Santa really slap the heretic Fr James Arius SJ?

The public image of Santa Claus is of a perpetually cheerful man, and his recent exhortation Amo Risi Laetitiam (“I like the joy of laughter”) contains many cheerful passages such as “Ho ho ho, ho ho ho” (ARL 1) and “I know if you’ve been bad or good, but if you’ve been bad don’t worry, you’ll still get Christmas presents” (ARL 351, Footnote). However, a new book The Dictator Santa suggests that behind his public image there lies a bad-tempered old curmudgeon who torments his reindeer and shouts at his elves.

How did Rudolph’s nose get so red? Did Santa punch him?

At this most holy time of Santa Mass, we don’t forget that the season has one true meaning – eat and drink too much, buy lots of expensive presents, and have a good time. So it seems churlish to attack the Holy Father Christmas, who symbolises everything that is important about December 25th.

Still, we should warn the faithful that questions are being raised about the leadership provided by the big man, and that something is rotten at the heart of the North Pole. Some say that the man who came down your chimney last night and kicked your cat is not to be trusted.

The College of Cardinals meets to elect a new Santa.

A happy Christmas to both my readers.

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