Cdl. Parolin vs. Pope Francis?

Cdl. Parolin vs. Pope Francis?

Did Pope Francis keep Cardinal Oscar Maradiaga “co-ordinator” of the papal inner circle C9 in office for seven months despite his knowing of the Cardinal’s scandal?

Posted by Fred Martinez on Saturday, December 23, 2017

The United Kingdom Spectator’s Damian Thompson reported on who may be behind this embarrassing expose of Francis’s “Vice-Pope” or “co-ordinator” of the C9:

“Are we to believe, then, that Francis kept Maradiaga in office for seven months while the outside world was told nothing of this scandal?”

“Some Catholic observers are speculating that Maradiaga is the victim of a hit job by forces inside the Secretariat of State, the sprawling department of the Pope’s ‘prime minister’ Cardinal Pietro Parolin.”

“Parolin’s increasingly powerful… profoundly threatened by a new model of Church government… known as ‘C9’. Taking out its co-ordinator would effectively demolish this divided and unimpressive body – and also help Parolin position himself as a safe pair of hands to take over from Francis at the next conclave…”

“In other words, the old guard… could be trying to replicate the chaos that forced Benedict XVI out of office…”

“What they won’t get, I suspect, is a resignation. Jorge Bergoglio is not a quitter… he doesn’t care what his critics think so long as he can punish them.”

“But, though he may not realise it, his personal credibility is now so fragile that the office of the papacy is losing some of its spiritual authority. He has very little time in which to put matters right.”
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The Spectator’s “Catholic observers” appear to be on the right track. Logic and the evidence point to Parolin as the most likely person to leak the Maradiaga scandal report.

The National Catholic Register revealed that the report of the Maradiaga scandal was “send to the Pope.. As well as… Cardinal Pietro Parolin… Cardinal Marc Ouellet… Archbishop Angelo Becciu… we’re all informed.”
(National Catholic Register, “Cardinal Maradiaga Denies Financial Allegations, But Questions Remain Unanswered,” December 23, 2017)

Becciu works for Parolin. He is his employee.

Ouellet is a has-been who was once considered papabile (a possible future pope), but is no longer. He is a flip-flopper who was a conservative under Pope Benedict XVI and is now a liberal under Francis.

Of those who were informed of the Maradiaga scandal report, Parolin has the most to benefit by leaking it to the media.

Parolin is a smooth operator.

While Ouellet attacked those who issued the Filial Correction, Parolin called for “dialogue” with them thus positioning himself as a moderate in a future conclave to elect a Pope.

He appears to be a leftist, who can portray himself as a moderate as Barrack Obama did when he ran for president.

According to the Catholic Herald, the bishops of Venezuela thought Parolin was “too favorable” to the socialist “tyrant” Nicolas Chavez when he was their nuncio and the Chinese hero Cardinal Joesph Zen “accused Parolin of putting diplomacy before faith” in attempting to betray the Chinese underground Catholic Church to win a diplomatic breakthrough with the communist regime as Francis’s Secretary of State.
(Catholic Herald, “How Cardinal Parolin won the Vatican civil war,” November 9, 2017)

Parolin appears to be a leftist who will betray the Catholic faith to leftist global secularism to achieve worldly diplomatic success.

The Fatima Perspectives website asked:

“What was Cardinal Parolin doing at the World Economic Forum Meeting in Davos, Switzerland? Why did he participate in a gathering at which George Soros and other globalist… lamented… the election of… Trump… and other alarming signs that the swinish masses are starting to kick against the New World Order (NWO)?”
(Fatima Perspectives, “Cardinal Parolin: Diplomat of the New World Order,” January 20, 2017)

Parolin at the next conclave will probably claim he was only loyally following Francis’s policies which is true. But, as the Venezuelan bishops know, he was “too favorable” to socialist tyrants before he joined the Francis inner circle.

As the Spectator pointed out it appears that Francis’s time is running out.

The secular media can’t keep covering-up the continuous scandals of his papacy. His “personal credibility is now so fragile that the office of the papacy is losing some of it’s spiritual authority.”

Now the apparently only competent member of his inner circle who he trusts may be undermining him.

The leftist Vatican expert John Allen who has many sources inside the Francis Vatican says:

“Today, everyone knows that if you want to put something on Francis’s agenda… there’s only one game in town, and it runs through Parolin… when Francis needs advice or a play to be executed, it’s increasingly Parolin to whom he turns.”
(Crux, “More and more, Parolin’s the face of authority in Francis’s Vatican,” August 10, 2017)

If the Spectator is right and Parolin is behind the Maradiaga scandal report leak then indeed Francis “has very little time” and has lost the only apparent competent member of his inner circle.

He is up the creek without a paddle.

Pray an Our Father now for the Church, that the Dubia Cardinals issue the correction and that Parolin is not elected the next pope.

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2 comments on “Cdl. Parolin vs. Pope Francis?

  1. Well, one of the “wheels within wheels” squealed or we bitterly clinging dummies, aimlessly shuffling about those mysterious peripheries we heard so much about, back in the exciting opening episodes of this straight- off- the- pampas-soap-opera may otherwise never have learned that a tropical backwater ecclesial something-or-other was forking over banana boxes stuffed with Benjamins – a veritable princely sum – to a prince of ModChurch’s ultra-Leftist, persuasion, an operative who made his Curial bones breaking conservative skulls in the name of all things trendy: sexually, liturgically or politically.
    So we owe the stoolie his due. Someone would eventually let El Gato out of the bag, anyway. And if it could increase one’s street value as the next pope-on-the-make’s personal papabilial portfolio, why not turn fink- right?
    And Parolin’s as likely a good guess as anyone.
    Although, considering the present day leadership character quotient of what once was, in the late 1950s, honored by the American Management Association as the best-run international organization in the world ( i.e., the Roman Catholic Church ) Damian might want to keep boring down. I’ll bet that if the Maradiaga allegations are proven, there’s waaaay more, waaaay below even that tidbit, to come. Stay tuned…

  2. We truly need a Roman Catholic ecclesial version of Donald Trump… to make the Church great again! Kyrie eleison!

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