Cardinal Marx, Nothing Bad In Gay [Nay, Sodomite] Partnerships

Cardinal Marx, Nothing Bad In Gay Sodomite Partnerships

[His Eminence joins the ilks (not a typo of “likes”) of the 16th century Cardinal Archbishop of Benevento, Italy, Giovanni della Casa, who wrote the poem De laudibus Sodomiae (In Praise of Sodomy), which (according to François Rabelais in his Pantagruel) His Eminence “called ‘Opera Divina’ and said in it that he knew of no other love”] – 12/23/17

Respecting marriage doesn’t mean a “discrimination” of gay unions according to Munich Cardinal Reinhard Marx.

Talking to the fake news webpage (December 23) Marx praised gay relationships, “That there are such partnerships, is fine. That’s how it is in this world.” He added, “I cannot find something bad when people vouch and be responsible for each other.”

For Marx the difference between marriage and gay pseudo-marriage is only a matter of words. He only insists that the term “marriage” should not be used for gay pseudo-marriages.

Cardinal Ratzinger stated in July 2003 in a Vatican document that all Catholics are obliged to oppose the legal recognition of gay unions.

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