Who Handed the Church Over to the Liberals? The Conservatives!

Who Handed the Church Over to the Liberals? The Conservatives!

by Fr Reto Nay
en.news – 12/22/17

Catholic League’s Bill Donohue put it admirably: Late Boston Cardinal Bernard Law “was a theological conservative, but he did not govern as a conservative”.

At first glance, this sounds like a contradiction. In reality, it is the trademark of [almost] all conservatives. They are theological conservatives (whatever this means) but they govern like liberals. Donald Trump would put it this way, “All talk, no action”.

Why do they behave like this? Because they want to please and appease the liberals. According to Donohue, Law allowed liberal subordinates – whom he himself had named – to make decisions about molester priests. This got him into trouble.

Donohue continues in the subjunctive, “Had he confronted those who pushed for less stringent rules governing sexuality, there would have been no crisis.”

Who wanted “less stringent rules governing sexuality”? Obviously, the liberals who, at that time, openly claimed that child abuse was the next step of the “sexual revolution”. By handing his diocese over to such people, Law proved that he was a “conservative”.

Donohue points out that “those [liberals] who promoted this [liberal] agenda, then blamed Law when news of the homosexual scandal hit the news.”

That’s the destiny of the conservatives: They play with the liberal fire and then bemoan their fate when they get burned.

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One comment on “Who Handed the Church Over to the Liberals? The Conservatives!

  1. Wherever the term crops up, in the Church, in National Review or around the water cooler, it carries one meaning: Liberalism in slow motion.
    What have conservatives ever really conserved?

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