Miracle approved, canonization next for Paul VI

Miracle approved, canonization next for Paul VI

Catholic World News – 12/22/17

The Vatican’s Congregation for the Causes of Saints has recognized a miracle attributed to the influence of Pope Paul VI, clearing the way for his canonization, according to the official publication of the Diocese of Brescia, Italy.
The miracle—which was reportedly approved by the Congregation earlier this month—involved the healthy birth of a child after the mother’s placenta had ruptured months earlier in the pregnancy. A panel of doctors had already certified that the case had no medical explanation. Pope Paul VI, a native of Brescia, was beatified in October 2014.

Source: Vatican Insider

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13 comments on “Miracle approved, canonization next for Paul VI

  1. Pro: Father’s comment is afu (as in snafu); in effect he says, “It must be done regardless of what he did for better or worse, although I think that he did not do the worse, but if he did, then it was really for the better!”: WHY BLESSED POPE PAUL VI SHOULD BE CANONIZED A SAINT Posted by Fr. Allan J. McDonald at Friday, December 22, 2017.

    Con: “It’s a con!”: Paul VI to be canonised a Saint? Oh come on now, you knew this was going to happen Posted by Vox Cantoris at Friday, December 22, 2017.

  2. A trifecta! A hat-trick! John, Paul, and John-Paul! It confirms the holiness and brilliance of the Great Council! Let all mouths be silent! We have finally found our God!

    • Don’t forget that JP1 (Albino Luciani) is “under consideration,” which would make it a quaternity or tetrad (if the first two letter are read as the prefix “te-,” it can also mean “apart or away from a trad”).

      • Some folks thought that Luciani would lift the birth-control prohibition: te-trad indeed! Canonize him anyway. The miracle is that no one saw a problem with the papal assassination. Did “saint” Wojtyla do anything?

  3. For a guy having an homosexual relationship with an Italian actor while he was pope, and one who was an active homosexual when he was archbishop of Milan, the only “REAL MIRACLE “, that can be associated with him, is that he did not die of a sexually transmitted disease! This Trifecta of Roncalli,the embalmed Mason, Montini, the Homosexual Destroyer of the Catholic Church,and Santo Subito, protector of sex abusers , all reaching “ Sainthood “ is an over reach at best and a total fraud as are most things associated with this Pope !

  4. The book that stopped the beatification of Paul VI:
    Paul VI Beatified? by Fr. Luigi Villa.

  5. crc-internet.org/further-information/liber-accusationis/in-paulum-sextum/

    To our Holy Father Pope Paul VI
    by the grace of God and the law of Church
    sovereign judge of all Christ’s faithful
    a complaint
    against our brother in the faith, Pope Paul VI,
    on account of HERESY, SCHISM and SCANDAL
    by Fr. Georges de Nantes

    Address to the Pope
    Your historic decision of 1964-1965
    The Capital Charge
    1. Heteropraxy  : Religious Liberty
    2. Heterodoxy  : the Cult of Man
    1. Your personal heresy  : the MASDU
    2. Your wide-ranging complicity with heresy
    1. Schism shown by feelings and attitudes
    2. Schism shown by actions against the Church
    3. Schism shown in contempt of God
    1. The ruin of the Church as an Institution
    2. Religion is becoming extinct
    3. Your betrayal of Christendom
    4. The kingdom of Satan
    Fatima profaned
    Return and confirm thy brethren!

  6. I googled about the placenta rupturing months early and still delivering a healthy baby. What came up was a bunch of stuff about placental abruptions. There were a fair few on a blog for moms that lost their babies either right away or farther along in their pregnancies. That said, there were also some women who had successful pregnancies and healthy babies after the abruptions.
    And, yes, we all know they’re just doing anything and everything they can to canonize VII.
    On the bright side, we have two young women preparing for baptism. We also have a father and one of his children also in catechism classes with the likelihood of the mother and possibly the other children also learning about the Catholic Faith. God is still sending graces our way.

    • Miracle? What Miracle?

      by Christopher A. Ferrara
      December 23, 2017

      In the drive to canonize every Pope connected to the disastrous Second Vatican Council, only Paul VI, who lived to rue that the “smoke of Satan” had entered the Church, has yet to be declared a saint. One would think that the Pope who presided over the sudden and catastrophic collapse of faith and discipline in the Church, following the liturgical and other “reforms” he improvidently approved only to wring his hands and weep over the ruinous results, is a most unlikely candidate for sainthood.

      But the Vatican’s recently erected “saints factory” is up to the task. The news has been announced that a “miracle” has been attributed to the intercession of Paul VI. Here it is, as reported by Inside the Vatican:

      “[T]heologians of the Vatican Congregation for the Causes of Saints recognized a miracle attributed to the intercession of Pope Montini, after a first free go-ahead had been given by the medical consultation of the Vatican Congregation itself…. The miracle regards the birth of a girl from Verona called Amanda, who in 2014 had survived for months despite the fact the placenta was broken… Subsequently, a child in good health was born.”

      Quite simply: Is this a joke? The so-called miracle is that the baby survived a placental abruption and was born without defects. But this happens very frequently in cases of placental abruption, as even minimal research into the condition would reveal. As the Mayo Clinic explains, placental abruption, the separation of the placenta from the uterine wall, which “usually occurs in the last trimester of pregnancy,” can jeopardize the life and health of the baby through loss of oxygen and nutrients, and also the life of the mother, but it does not necessarily result in fetal death or birth defects. It is a serious risk factor, but not a certain cause of death or deformity. As another source explains:

      “Babies born to mothers who experience placental abruption are at higher risk for some pregnancy-related complications. These include:

      difficulty growing at a normal rate
      premature birth, or birth that occurs before 37 weeks of pregnancy
      If placental abruption occurs after 37 weeks of pregnancy, a baby is less likely to experience health problems than babies born at earlier gestation.”

      The alleged miracle does not constitute the unexplained healing of an existing fetal disease or deformity, nor a healing of the detached placenta itself, but merely the claim that what could have happened to the baby due to the condition did not happen. Conveniently enough, such a “miracle” is impossible to prove or disprove as no one knows whether the baby would otherwise have been born healthy. That makes the claim of a miracle non-falsifiable and therefore purely gratuitous.

      This is ridiculous. Consider, by way of comparison, the profusion of miracles supporting the canonization of Pope Saint Pius X, many performed while he was still alive, as recounted here, including the instantaneous healing of tumors and the replacement of missing bone.

      The common opinion of theologians is that papal decrees of canonization are infallible, although the Church has never defined the opinion as Catholic dogma or taught definitively whether a canonization means anything more than that a given candidate has entered into beatitude (sanctity and heroic virtue in this life aside). But what if the Pope acts on the basis of a miracle that is not really a miracle? What if the process of canonization is compromised by ideological or other motives that prompt the promoters of the cause to stretch the evidence to fit a preconceived decision to canonize, no matter what?

      I have no answers to these questions, but surely they are valid and demand further theological study. Meanwhile, we seem to be facing the prospect that a Pope who, even if he attained the Beatific Vision, presided over what he himself called the “auto-demolition” of the Church — an unprecedented disaster in Church history — yet will nonetheless be held up to the Catholic world as a model of sanctity and heroic virtue. Yet another sign of the great ecclesial confusion foretold in the Third Secret of Fatima.

  7. Merry Christmas, AT !
    Glad to hear a spot of encouraging news.
    Since V2’s PC hit squads substituted socialism for Catholicism one may be on safe ground to assume that empty and irrational gestures disguised as “canonizations of dubious dead ModPopes” will someday be ash canned when Tyrannus I is eventually elected, whose papal motto will be: “Go ahead, make my day, punk!”

  8. Saint Paul VI: Coming soon, but not soon enough

    Louie December 28, 2017

    According to several reports, the “canonization” of Giovanni Battista Montini, aka Pope Paul VI, is likely to take place in 2018.

    Word has it that it may very well happen in October when the Synod of Bishops is in session to “ask young people to help the Church in identifying the most effective ways to announce the Good News today.” (see Synod Preparatory Document)

    If indeed this is when Paul VI receives the Conciliar Lifetime Achievement Award in Service to the Revolution (or what Rome presently calls “canonization”), the timing is at least fitting.

    After all, the Synod of Bishops as we know it was established by Paul VI in 1965 via the Apostolic Letter, Apostolica Sollicitudo.

    According to this Letter, one of the “general purposes” of the Synod is:

    To facilitate agreement, at least on essential matters of doctrine and on the course of action to be taken in the life of the Church.

    Think it about it…

    In 1965, exactly which “essential matters of doctrine” were as yet so incompletely defined as to constitute a legitimate source of disagreement among authentic Catholics?

    The answer: Not one.

    Even so, the Council, which was just months away from closing, was busily setting the stage for a new religion; the one currently preached in Modernist Rome. The Synod was intended to serve as, and presently is, nothing more than a tool for fooling the naïve into believing that this new religion is Catholic.

    The same can be said for certain post-conciliar “canonizations.”

    It occurred to me long ago that making of Paul VI a canonized saint was more than likely a part of the modernist masterplan even well before the man died; with the real purpose being to elevate the Novus Ordo Missae above suspicion in the minds of the same aforementioned naïve.

    Why, I often used to wonder, was this not done already?

    The reason it has taken so long, I believe, is that the Devil, who is guiding these events, is patient. Mere human beings like us tend to think in terms of a lifetime, while the Evil One, by contrast, plots and plans in generational terms.

    As such, Satan was simply biding his time until the faithful were sufficiently stripped of their sensus Catholicus to accept the utterly preposterous notion that Paul VI is a saint.

    Having tested the waters with the “canonization” of John Paul II, which based on the reaction of the rank and file was a tremendous success, he is apparently rather confident that the time is neigh.

    But is it really?

    Already there are signs that Francis is slowly opening the eyes of the naïve to the reality of the present crisis. It is my hope – and to an extent, my expectation – that the “canonization” of Paul VI will only accelerate that process.

    How so?

    No one other than Satan himself has done more to promote the “cult of man” over and against the cult of Jesus Christ, and blatantly so, than Paul VI.

    [For those who have yet to read it, do yourself a favor and read Paul VI Beatified? by Fr. Luigi Villa, which provides copious quotes attesting to his disastrous, anthropocentric pontificate.]

    Many if not most neo-conservatives already understand that the “cult of man” is poison in the Body of Christ.

    This is true even of the most intransigent papalaters in Catholic media who refuse to associate the crisis in the Church with any of the claimants to the Chair of St. Peter; either past or present. Likewise is this true of their supporters.

    Take, for example, the poster boy of such persons, Michael Voris.

    In one of his “Vortex” episodes of 2013, he railed:

    Too much of Catholic leadership these days derives from the cult of man. In fact, it is precisely the cult of man which gives rise to the Church of nice … the natural generation of the cult of man wherein man is considered more than God is. One could very easily and rightly say that it is in the Church of nice where the cult of man worships; where the cult of man finds its natural spiritual home.

    From whom and how did this “cult of man” manage to infiltrate the Church of Christ?

    The Second Vatican Council, of course, but only with the help of Paul VI who said at its closing (among many other things):

    Do you at least recognize this merit, you modern humanists who have no place for the transcendence of the things supreme, and come to know our new humanism: we also, we more than anyone else, have the cult of man.

    This is the same Paul VI who said:

    Peace is a most human thing. If we seek wherefrom it really comes, we discover that it sinks its roots in the loyal sense of man. A peace that is not born of the real cult of man, is not essentially a peace.

    So much for Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace.

    He also said:

    This Council… in conclusion, will give us a simple, new and solemn teaching to love man in order to love God.

    And here you thought it was the other way around!

    I could go on all day with quotes from Paul VI calling on man to worship man, but the point has presumably been made.

    Paul VI didn’t just kiss a Qur’an once, or hold a couple of ecumenical prayer gatherings at Assisi (as abominable as these actions are, they are excusable as momentary lapses in judgment in the minds of foolish neoconservatives); rather, he ordered his entire pontificate on, and directed the entire Church toward, precisely the “cult of man” that men like Michael Voris and their supporters readily recognize as poison.

    What will they do when Rome holds him up as a “saint” – a man of heroic virtue worthy of emulation?

    Sure, there is a pretty good chance that some if not all of them will make excuses; perhaps with an eye toward keeping the franchise chugging along.

    If so, at the very least I would expect that many of their current supporters will be forced to open their eyes and to reevaluate both their faith and their patronage.

    With all of this in mind, the “canonization” of Paul VI cannot happen soon enough.

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