Protestant Pastor: Frankenpope “Denies Reality”

Protestant Pastor: Frankenpope “Denies Reality” – 12/21/17

Pope Francis’ suggestion that the Our Father should say, “Let us not fall into temptation” gives the impression that translations of the Scripture or other authoritative statements “are essentially arbitrary and may be changed at will” – writes R. Scott Clark, a Protestant minister, on

Clark accuses Francis of a “sort of nominalism”. Nominalism argues that the relation between the word and the reality it represents, is arbitrary, a convention and sometimes even the product of a conspiracy. As a consequence, people start suspecting “that someone, somewhere is just making up things and imposing their will on the rest of us.” For Clark, these are symptoms of a profound loss of confidence in the existence of objective reality.

Clark points out that this denial of objectivity, in reality, is fake, “The same people who deny that there is any such thing, who assert that all claims to truth and reality are nothing but a will to power also stop at stop signs.”

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One comment on “Protestant Pastor: Frankenpope “Denies Reality”

  1. In Spanish we say “no nos dejes caer en tentación” which would be translated as “let us not fall into temptation”

    If the issue is this phrase, I don´t understand why such a big deal is being made of it. Maybe there is more that I have not read about.

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