The Vatican sodomite lobby in service to Frankenpope and itself

The Vatican sodomite lobby in service to Frankenpope and itself

Frankenpope has said: “So much is written about the gay lobby. I have yet to find anyone who can give me a Vatican identity card with ‘gay’. They say they are there” and “If a person is gay and seeks the Lord and has good will, well who am I to judge them?”


From: Vatican hires LGBTQUEER activist company to create and run new internet news platform

[Vatican Secretariat for Communications Prefect] Monsignor Viganò’s growing ties to homosexual activists [in and outside the Vatican]


The revelation of Dario Edoardo Vigano’s no-bid contract [for the new Vatican internet news platform] with the homosexualist Accenture corporations [Accenture was not involved in any process of soliciting the contract. Rather Vatican officials approached Accenture of their own accord.] follows a period of increasing support on his part for open homosexuals and homosexualist activists.

Viganò’s first major indication of his support for the gay agenda came with his appointment of the Jesuit priest James Martin as an adviser to the Secretariat of Communications earlier this year.

Martin has become widely known as an open advocate of the LGBT political and social agenda, claiming that the Catholic Church can “learn about love” from couples who practice sodomy, and should stop calling homosexual behavior “intrinsically disordered.” He has called on homosexual priests to “come out” of the closet, but refuses to say if he is a homosexual himself.

Viganò has also developed a close working relationship with a homosexual radio journalist, Pierluigi Diaco, who publicly celebrated his “civil union” to another man, according to the Italian journalist Marco Tosatti.

Tosatti notes in a recent article for La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana that Viganò has begun to appear regularly on Diaco’s radio program, and recently appeared with Diaco as a speaker at a recent conference on radio organized by the Italian embassy to the Vatican and held on December 15.

“Viganò and Diaco have known themselves for a while: in fact, since the current prefect has been a regular guest on the program which Diaco presents on RTL [radio], Non stop News,” writes Tosatti. “Every Monday, Viganò has a space with the show’s presenters called ‘Good morning, I am Francis,’ in which he talks about goings-on with the eyes of the reigning Pontiff. And precisely today [December 19], Viganò has opened the door to the presenters, with Diaco at the head, of the museum of Radio Vaticana. The live transmission, from 6 to 9 in the morning, was done from there.”

“Perluigi Diaco is a very well-known professional colleague who in early November celebrated his civil union with his partner, and which he has announced his homosexuality in a very sensationalist way,” Tosatti writes, adding, “We’re curious to know why, among hundreds of radio and television colleagues, precisely he has been chosen [to participate in the Italian embassy conference], whose personal story has transformed him into an icon of the LGBT struggle.”

Tosatti suggests an explanation, noting that “the chaplain of the Italian embassy to the Holy See is Mons. Pasquale Spinoso, an intimate friend of Dario Edoardo Viganò . . . since the days when they both worked in the Italian Episcopal Conference. . . . Well then, perhaps all of this isn’t such a coincidence as it might appear.”

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  1. I suspect that little else than a protracted penitential offering equal to those commanded by the king of Nineveh, livestock included, will alter the course of events in sunny Nuovo Roma in this present catastrophe.
    Keep those bitter herbs and a supply of stale pond water on hand, folks. Cyprian and I will look into negotiating a group discount on sackcloth and arrange for tailors to custom fit entire AQ families, pets and even the squirrels and starlings that visit your bird feeders.
    Yep, this is gonna have to be an all-hands (and paws and claws) on-deck campaign.
    ( Rescheduling that Italian tour or, better yet, rerouting – to, oh,
    say Tibet(?) – might not be a bad idea, either ).

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