Frankenpope Recycles Disgraced Liberal Bishop

Frankenpope Recycles Disgraced Liberal Bishop

[Continuing his policy of bailing out/covering up clerics in trouble (especially in Latin America) by transferring/promoting them to Rome; such as the sodo-Monsignor Battista Ricci, whose escapades as a Vatican diplomat in Latin America got him transferred/promoted to Rome as an official at the Vatican bank and Casa Santa Marta at Frankenpope’s behest and the cause for his now famous quote “Who am I to judge?”]

null – 12/20/17

On December 19, Pope Francis appointed 53-year-old Monsignor Gustavo Zanchetta, the former bishop of Orán, Argentina, as an assessor of the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See (APSA), a charge created especially for Zanchetta. The APSA is the Vatican’s real estate agency that manages more than 5,000 properties.

Zanchetta resigned on August 1 allegedly for health reasons. Media spoke however about economic mismanagement and abuse of authority. He was named a bishop in July 2013 by Pope Francis and was known as a careerist. He held an important position in the Argentinean Bishops Conference during Cardinal Bergoglio’s presidency.

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