Vatican Hires a Rich Company Which Promotes Sodomite Ideology

Vatican Hires a Rich Company Which Promotes Sodomite Ideology

[Where Peter’s Pence goes; continuing the policy of not questioning where the money goes in the firms that it contracts; previously, the accounting agencies hired to audit the books and design better accounting and bookkeeping policies and practices; now, a new and improved website designed and maintained by a sodomite-promoting communications technology company; another example of mediate material cooperation with another’s immoral activity]

null – 12/19/17

The Vatican has hired the big Irish technology company Accenture to design and run

Accenture defines itself as “a proud leader in supporting the LGBT community”. One wonders if the Vatican considers itself part of it. According to the ‘Global Diversity List’ the company is among the “top 10 LGBT employee networks”. It also sponsors many events promoting gay ideology.

The prefect of Vatican Communications, Monsignor Dario Viganò, tried to justify himself by calling the software he purchases from Accenture as “agnostic”, however, the Vatican money still goes to a company that actively promotes mortal sin. All this, the Vatican calls “reform”.

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