Frankenpope Receives Enemy of the Church [et al.]

Frankenpope Receives Enemy of the Church [et al.]

Gloria.TV News 12/17/17

Culpable Silence: Last week the Italian parliament approved a law introducing assisted suicide accompanied by the total silence of Pope Francis and almost all of the Italian bishops. One of the most virulent proponents of the unjust law was Emma Bonino, a former abortionist who has been for many decades a diabolical presence in Italian politics. Pope Francis produced an Italy wide scandal when in February 2016 he called her – quote – “one of the big ones in today’s Italy”. When the law was passed Bonino, sitting in the Italian Senate, was shedding tears of joy.

Golden Handshake: The Vatican wants to save face after the embarrassing November dismissal of Giulio Mattietti, the former deputy director of the Vatican Bank. Without notice, Mattietti was kicked out of the Vatican. No reason was given and Mattietti himself was utterly surprised by the move. Now, according to the Corriere della Sera the Vatican wants to clean up the mess by giving Mattietti who has worked for decades for the Vatican, a golden handshake and by offering him a pension although he is nowhere near pension age.

Theory and Practice: On December 13, Pope Francis’ council of Cardinals published a press briefing about its most recent meeting. It informed that the Vatican aims at reducing the personnel of the Vatican media. But in March 2017, when the Italian TV station Sky Italia decided to reduce the number of collaborators, Pope Francis said during a General Audience – quote, “Who takes away the work from man commits a very serious sin.”

Enemy of the Church: Last Friday Socialist Bolivia President Evo Morales visited Pope Francis in the Apostolic Palace. Morales greeted Francis with the words “Good day, Brother Pope Francis”. Francis called Morales by his first name, “Evo”. Morales is known for his anti-Church stances. He has fought the bishops of his country, has pushed for the secularization of schools, promoted paganism, introduced a secular state, seized Church property, and called to abolish Catholic national holidays.

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