Local diocese: Medjugorje pilgrimages still not approved

Local diocese: Medjugorje pilgrimages still not approved

[Also, His Excellency’s mandate as a papal envoy ended last summer and his resignation as archbishop was accepted at the end of November; thus, he’s a man without a mission or an active position]

Catholic World News – December 18, 2017

The diocese in Bosnia-Herzegovina where Medjugorje is located has taken issue with a recent announcement by a Vatican-appointed visitor who said that pilgrimages to Medjugorje are now authorized.

Archbishop Henryk Hoser said last week that it is “no longer a problem” for church groups to schedule pilgrimages to Medjugorje. But the local diocese—which has always expressed deep skepticism about the alleged Marian apparitions there—has published an analysis noting that Archbishop Hoser’s term as a Vatican envoy has expired, and the Polish prelate does not have authority to rule on the matter.

Archbishop Hoser, who was commissioned to investigate the pastoral situation in Medjugorje, reported on the healthy spiritual life he found there. However, the diocesan analysis argued—citing the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith—that the pastoral situation cannot be separated from the reported apparitions. The Vatican has not yet ruled on the authenticity of those phenomena, which continue to this day.

The diocese observed that despite the statement by Archbishop Hoser, there has been no formal Vatican statement or document approving of pilgrimages to Medjugorje.

Source: Instructions for “Medjugorje Pilgrims”? (Mostar-Duvno diocese)

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One comment on “Local diocese: Medjugorje pilgrimages still not approved

  1. Medjugoogoo PR hacks with a vested $$$ interest in keeping this hoax going simply must be cribbing notes from the Dem. Natl. Cmte. play book; which odiously steaming pile of fresh excrement has, in turn, simply plagiarized Alinsky and Lenin.
    That’s not exactly news, of course. Vile denials of reality itself and agitprop centered on “conversion stories” featuring bilked “pilgrims” who went from living as garden variety yahoos to “fervent” lives filled with conciliar “joy” ( i. e., Protestant heresies by the bucket load ) have long been the standard fare dished out by a global network of spiritual nincompoops-on-the-make.
    While true that the DNC and Medj, Inc. do diverge on key moral questions, they parallel one another in their respective exploitation of theologically dysfunctional Catholic victims of secular Sixities-ism AND those handy neologisms cranked out by the Cheshire cats who gave us CITH, altar girlies, Utraquism and scores of other desecratory tricks of the liberal trade in its mad dash to nuke the Faith and rebuild it in the image of Benny Hinn. So far, they’ve succeeded beyond all expectations, and then some.
    Meanwhile, little platoons of Eastern European bishops who have not gone mental and have erected stop signs for thirty-plus years, though unheeded and slandered in some cases even by clerical inferiors, are holding the line. And that is no small thing.
    In fairness, even Pope Francis has remarked negatively about Medj, Inc. Which news, as one would expect, was tossed into the googoos’ Ronco Veg-O-Mizer to assure potential pilgrims that “what the pope meant” was just a harmless aside and that Francis would await word from his crack expert “theologians” as to what next to do; which, for three decades of Vatican-speak-easy mumbling and dithering has yet to say, “It’s a crock, folks! Run!”

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