Half of the Words of Jesus Are “Faked”

Half of the Words of Jesus Are “Faked”

[In keeping with Frankenpope’s view of the Lord’s Prayer and that of his underling/Jesuit Father General Arturo Sosa on the accuracy of the recording of Jesus’ words]

The German journalist and modernist Franz Alt, 79, believes “half of the words of Jesus” in the Gospels are wrongly translated or were deliberately faked. Alt said this in the context of Pope Francis’ proposal to falsify the translation of the Our Father.

Talking to Bild am Sonntag he said that for him the Bible is only “word of man about the experience with God”.

Alt considers himself a Catholic.

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2 comments on “Half of the Words of Jesus Are “Faked”

  1. Hell probably has had to construct countless new suburbs to accommodate all the folks who “consider themselves to be Catholics” and have arrived since the 1960s.
    “Live by the dumb, die by the dumb”. ( Tom Clancy )

  2. Let’s see now…
    1) The Catholic Church is supposed to be the Church founded by Christ, through His apostles.
    2) Some of those apostles wrote the Gospel, which has *always* been understood as indubitable Truth, and as expressing the Faith of that Catholic Church.
    3) But Alt says that half of that Gospel is false and/or faked by outright liars.
    4) So the Catholic Church is obviously fake and based on lies, or at the very least, it’s TOTALLY unreliable as a source of Truth.
    5) And yet, Alt is a Catholic.
    Conclusion: Alt is a total dupe and a moron.
    So who cares what he has to say?
    The number of fools is infinite.
    But some privileged few possess a numberless infinitude of foolishness.

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