Not your grandmother’s Nativity Set – heck, it’s not even Donald Trump’s!

Not your grandmother’s Nativity Set – heck, it’s not even Donald Trump’s!

Even the White House has more dignity and class and respect that the cocaine snorting, child-porn sodomite mafioso perverts in Vatican City, all under the watchful eye of the Pope of Mercy.
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Oh, look, its the corporal works of mercy all taking precedence over the Nativity of the WORD MADE FLESH, lost somewhere in that menagerie of artistic arrogance.
Vatican Nativity Scene 2017
When you look at this, where is the eye drawn? Who or what is the most significant figure?
Vatican Nativity Scene 2017 - Naked Man
Those rigid Three Wise Guys passing by that naked buff man with the six pack abs to worship God come to earth.
Any man with a body like that isn’t hungry and isn’t incapable of work. Now, if he were beaten and dirty and old and broken the point might have been made.
The point is not made. Instead, it is a god to the homosexual perverts in the Vatican. What a disgusting and revolting situation we are in.
Shame on Bergoglio. May he get a big lump of high sulphur coal in his stocking.
Vatican Nativity Scene 2017 - Prisoner
Vatican Nativity Scene 2017 - Dead Man
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4 comments on “Not your grandmother’s Nativity Set – heck, it’s not even Donald Trump’s!

  1. Fortunately, a reliable source at the Collegio Bellarmino caught up with Father Guido Sarducci, a professor of moral theology at the Gregorian University in Rome, who has the official explanation for the unusual scene in St. Peter’s Square:

    “Obviously some neo-Pelagian triumphalists have difficulty grasping the progressive vision of the Bergoglian effect for aggiornamento and the modernist Spirit of Vatican II, perhaps due to excessive rigidity which prevents them from perceiving divine mercy in its latest phenomenological manifestations. The Holy Father has read Bultmann and understands that the mythology underlying sacred scripture must be “updated” for the times and new cultural situations of evangelization in ways which challenge excessive rigidity. Just as Pope Francis has called for a new translation of the Lord’s Prayer, in the new translation of the Nativity narratives in the Gospels, the Three Wise Men stop to visit Rock Hudson in a sauna on the way to Bethlehem. This is in keeping with the Holy Father’s desire to be more “inclusive” in the New Evangelization.”

  2. Father Sarducci: To give this some context, photos and posters of naked male bodybuilders are very common in modernist seminaries and Novus Ordo rectories since Vatican II. So the appearance of such a figure in Manger Square would not appear in any way out of the ordinary or unusual for most modernist priests who are used to homoerotic hazing and horseplay by now. What is new is the official papal endorsement by Pope Francis with his “who am I to judge?” policy. Based on all we have seen so far with the progressive nad tolerant Francis Effect, it’s safe to say that naked men parading around in public will become a more familiar part of parish life….

  3. The original submission for the Manger Square Nativity scene was to have Adrian Pennino with Rocky Balboa after the fight with Apollo Creed.

    But this wasn’t “inclusive” enough for the postmodern Bergolgian hermeneutics of Integral Humanism and the New Evangelization of “who am I to judge?”, so they went with Shakespeare greeting a fully naked Rocky in the role of a street beggar.

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