Crib Controversy

 Crib Controversy

Thursday, December 14, 2017

[Hat-tip to Canon212: “‘Not petty’ – Fr. Blake on Vatican GayTivity Scene“]

[The clutter]
Vatican Nativity Scene 2017 - Naked Man
[The controversy: “The naked figure does indeed look more like someone from a gay gym or party, rather than an emaciated beggar”]


I can’t see what the problem some people have with the crib in St Peter’s Square. The first image I saw of it was someone complaining that it contained an autopsy scene, actually just a little thought or a slightly more open look at the crib immediately show its really about burying the dead, indeed the whole thing is about the corporal works of mercy.

To feed the hungry.
To give water to the thirsty.
To clothe the naked.
To shelter the homeless.
To visit the sick.
To visit the imprisoned, or ransom the captive.
To bury the dead.

The broken dome set against the dome of St Peter’s seems to offer an unfortunate ambiguity but the image of the destruction or degeneration of the pagan world or the Jerusalem Temple is part of the standard imagery of the crib scene.

My concern is that it is rather cluttered, and the Lord is lost in the confusion but in many of the huge permanent cribs, especially of Naples, one has to search for the Christ child.

A more real concern, which one blogger highlighted was the ‘clothing the naked’ scene, he highlighted it with the caption, “I was at Cocco’s (Cardinal Cocopalmero) place partying and the next thing I woke up here”, The naked figure does indeed look more like someone from a gay gym or party, rather than an emaciated beggar forced to sell even his clothing, which is unfortunate in the Roman Church which is torn by gay scandals and homo-eroticism.

What is interesting is that some people are scandalised by this crib. That perhaps highlights the fact that anything which comes from Rome today, or anythying touching the current Pope seems to be open to scandalising some people. I hope that being scandalised is actually genuine rather than forced.

I have genuine concerns about the present Papacy, and especially with the corrupt and decadent men that the Pope seems to want to surround himself with, as are obviously many. The only weapon we have is truth and objective judgement; lies and falsehood, petty quibbles and rash judgements are not our allies but our ememy, they are the weapons of those who reject the Truth that is Christ

How significant it is in the light of the publication of The Dictator Pope that yet another member of the Commission set up to deal with sex abuse scandals has signalled his resignation because he considers it a waste of time, and not a serious attempt at anything. This is a real cause for anxiety.

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3 comments on “ Crib Controversy

  1. I know almost nothing of Fr. Blake, save for an occasional laudatory mention by that harmless little fuzzball Italian expat in England on his blog, one worth noting occasionally.
    Any comments about the priest would be edifying. He seems a “diplomat” on the ruinous reign of Habemus Pampas, deflecting from highly public scandals on the record created by no other than the pope himself and inclined to put the blame on bad advisors.
    That excuse died a long time ago since it wasn’t an “advisor” acting as emcee at Assisi One any more than it was “Coco” bouncing a beach ball on a Vatican altar some 25 years later.

  2. Thank you, Tom, for the links.

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