Australian panel blasts Catholic hierarchy, urges end to celibacy and confessional seal

Australian panel blasts Catholic hierarchy, urges end to celibacy and confessional seal

[The first may end in view of the 2019 pan-Amazon synod; in view of Frankenpope’s “ecumenical” or “pastoral” propensity to keep up with the zeitgeist of liberal Christianity or the “modern world,” the second may end or be relaxed in view of proposed changes in the “ministry of absolution” by the Anglican Church in England and Australia allowing its clergy to reveal confession of a serious criminal offense such as a sexual offence involving a child or vulnerable adult]

Catholic World News – 12/15/17

An Australian Royal Commission investigating sexual abuse of children has denounced “catastrophic failures of leadership of Catholic Church authorities over many decades.” The commission recommended a new law requiring priests to inform police if they had any evidence of abuse—including evidence from sacramental confessions. The group also suggested an end to clerical celibacy.

Source: Associated Press

UPDATE: Vatican statement responds to Australian Royal Commission

A Vatican statement released on December 15 said that the report of the Australian Royal Commission “deserves to be studied seriously,” and reaffirmed the Church’s commitment to safeguarding children.

Source: Vatican Press Office

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3 comments on “Australian panel blasts Catholic hierarchy, urges end to celibacy and confessional seal

  1. Oh sure, blame celibacy

    By Phil Lawler | Dec 15, 2017

    An Australian government commission has called for an end to clerical celibacy.

    Right. Because if the headlines of the last few weeks have taught us anything, it’s that celibacy is the main cause of sexual misconduct. If only politicians, Hollywood executives, comedians, and TV network personalities were allowed to marry!

    Oh, wait…

  2. Is this commission a bunch of morons, it’s because these priests WEREN’T celibate that all this went on. And by the way it was homosexuality in over 90% of the cases , then again them being a goverment commission they are trying to undermine the FAITH instead of going after the corrupt priests who did these things.

  3. And let’s not forget the law of unintended consequences. How curious that I just got through reading a booklet called Why Not Get A Divorce? In it, the author mentions that no exceptions can be made to the indissolubility of marriage for, among other reasons, the very practical one that once you make one exception, you have lost any rationale for disallowing others, and in the end you have the whole world copulating like beasts with anything that attracts them.
    Um…which, come to think of it, is exactly what’s going on today.
    He reinforced this statement by saying that, for the same reason, the seal of the confessional cannot be broken. He gave the example of a murderer who confesses his crime to a priest. Then the priest finds out that someone else has been charged with the crime, and it looks certain that he will be unjustly convicted.
    But, OBVIOUSLY, if the priest makes an exception and turns in the real murderer, he has destroyed the people’s trust in the confidentiality of the confessional.
    So, OBVIOUSLY, people will stop going to confession.
    Of course, Liberals are terminally incapable of foreseeing unintended consequences, as they are terminally incapable of seeing to the bottom of anything deeper than a mirror.

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