Ousted Vatican bank official seeks explanation for removal

Ousted Vatican bank official seeks explanation for removal

[I hope he cc’d Moneyval (the Council of Europe’s Committee of Experts on the Evaluation of Anti-Money Laundering Measures) in view of its recent “mixed” report on the Vatican‘s efforts to combat and prevent financial crimes such as money laundering]

Catholic World News – 12/14/17

Guilio Mattietti, who was abruptly ousted from his post as deputy director of the Vatican bank, says that he still does not know the reasons for his removal. Mattietti—who was escorted from his office on November 27—has written to the supervisory board of the Institute for Religious Works, complaining that his reputation has been damaged by speculation about his firing, and asking for an explanation. He has not yet received a reply.

Source: Vatican Insider

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2 comments on “Ousted Vatican bank official seeks explanation for removal

  1. Memo to Papa Bergoglio:
    After years of frustration, authorities were only able to lock up Al Capone for tax evasion. But, they did put him away!
    ( An old David Bowie number sums up the schizoid antics characterizing this most probable of all possible “papal” outcomes of V2 and all it’s pomps and works… )
    “Turn to the Left!
    Turn to the Right!
    We are the goon squad
    And we’re comin’ to town
    Beep! Beep!”

  2. If I recall accurately, Signore Mattietti is a good guy who was commissioned to help drain the swamp, right?

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