“Vatican Is Dominated By Canny Ecclesiastical Politicians”

“Vatican Is Dominated By Canny Ecclesiastical Politicians”


The book The Dictator Pope is genuinely insightful according to Dan Hitchens, the deputy editor of the Catholic Herald. He notices that the material of the book has been presented before, “But rarely with such lucidity”.

Writing in the Catholic Herald (December 12) Hitchens highlights the books message that the Vatican is “increasingly dominated by canny ecclesiastical politicians who devote much of their time to preventing important reforms” while those who try to root out for instance financial corruption run into trouble.

On the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate and the Knights of Malta, Hitchens points out to the fact that “if the conflicts began within those orders, it was Vatican intervention which turned them into catastrophes”.

Hitchens quotes from the official statistics for average attendance at the Pope’s weekly audience in St Peter’s Square to show how little popular Pope Francis is among Catholics:

2013: 51,617
2014: 27,883
2015: 14,818

For 2016 no figures were published, but according to the Dictator Pope “they are understood to be under 10,000”.

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