The Wrath of God Shall Be Upon Us

(Warning – this is not for the weak of heart and my apologies in advance for anyone who tried to vote in accordance with God’s Laws)

Thanks, Alabama. By electing a person who is openly pro-abortion, who thinks it’s OK to kill babies both in the womb and in the birth canal, who thinks it’s OK for a man to “make love” to another man and for a woman to make love to another woman, who thinks it’s OK for a person to deny the gender which Almighty God has created them and for this person to vote in the US Senate to advance these agendas, you have assured us that the wrath of God will be upon us and our children. And, don’t feed us this baloney that you were only selecting the best of two alternatives. God knows and you should know that you can never vote for Evil in any case and despite your claims you know in your hearts that you could have advanced a candidate in preliminary elections that truly represented Christian values. And where was the crowd from Irondale to warn you of the consequences of your vote? Where was the outrage from the pulpit? And, you so-called Christian evangelicals, where was your mobilization to find a person to run for and win in this election?

I can only ask for God’s Mercy for our country when elections such as this cry out for His vengeance. May future elections provide candidates truly representative of His will. I can only recall the warning that: ” God will not be mocked.”

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