Moore will win! It’s December 12th!

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!

Beautiful Pro-Life ad:

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  1. He lost: Pro-abortion Democrat wins Alabama Senate seat

    Claire Chretien

    Updated December 13, 2017

    ALABAMA, December 12, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – Pro-abortion Democrat Doug Jones beat pro-life Judge Roy Moore for Alabama’s open Senate seat in an extremely close race.

    Fox News called the race for Jones at 10:24 p.m. EST. So did the Associated Press.

    Moore has yet to concede.

    The race between Jones and Moore became increasingly heated this fall, especially as politicians and Hollywood figures were accused of (and in some cases admitted to) being sexually predatory and a series of congressional and state legislators resigned because of sexual misconduct.

    Meanwhile, Democrats strived to continue their “resistance” to President Trump. As they fought Republican efforts in Congress, a pro-abortion Democrat won Virginia’s gubernatorial election and Republicans lost a number of state legislature seats in the commonwealth. Notably, a man who presents himself as a woman beat 25-year incumbent Del. Bob Marshall, a pro-life, pro-family champion.

    Moore faces allegations of sexual misconduct. A woman named Leigh Corfman says that when she was 14 and Moore was a 32-year-old district attorney, he sexually assaulted her. Other women say he pursued relationships when they were in their late teens and he was much older.

    Another, Beverly Young Nelson, says Moore assaulted her when she was a 16-year-old waitress. Nelson said Moore signed her yearbook when he wasn’t a student and used this as proof of their relationship. She then admitted to forging part of the yearbook inscription, but maintains that Moore “did sign it.”

    Moore denies these allegations.

    Jones, a hard Democratic leftist, found himself out of step with most Alabama voters but at an advantage due to the accusations against Moore. This gave Democrats a chance to win a U.S. Senate seat that hadn’t been theirs, Fox News pointed out on Tuesday, for more than a quarter of a century.

    Moore “is a leader in the ‘Personhood movement,’ which seeks to outlaw a woman’s choice to have a legal and safe abortion,” the Center for American Progress warned in its December 11 “Progress Report” email. The liberal group criticized Moore over his opposition to homosexuality, government-run pre-schools, and same-sex “marriage,” along with the “sexual misconduct allegations” he faces.

    Some pro-lifers stuck by Moore, insisting that the attacks were a smear campaign. Others and many “establishment” Republicans urged him to drop out of the race. The left, especially abortion advocates, said these accusations are true and mean Moore is a hypocrite.

    The Republican National Committee withdrew, and then reinstated, its support of Moore.

    On December 5, Sen. Jeff Flake, an anti-Trump Republican from Arizona who is not seeking re-election, tweeted a photo of a $100 check he wrote to the Jones campaign.

    President Trump urged Alabamians to “VOTE ROY MOORE!” today in a tweet that labeled Jones a “Pelosi/Schumer Puppet” and made note of his pro-abortion views.

    Jones supports forcing religious employers to violate their consciences to participate in the provision of artificial contraception, something he advertised on his campaign website. He was endorsed by the Human Rights Campaign, but his campaign was bereft of any major focus on same-sex “marriage” or the LGBT agenda.

    Jones supports abortion on demand and a host of left-wing causes.

    Jones faced criticism after the Doug Jones for Senate Committee released an ad many called “racist.”

    The ad showed an African-American man and asked “think if a black man went after high school girls anyone would try to make him a senator?”

    At The Root, Michael Harriot commented:

    Someone, probably a white man, thought that the image would resonate with black people and motivate them to get out the vote. It’s as if black people were considering voting for the child molester until some brilliant strategist posited, “What if he were black, though?” The flyer is reductive in its oversimplification of the black mind as only caring about black issues. While it might not be racist, it is certainly racist adjacent.

    Moore beat incumbent Sen. Luther Strange in the primary by a landslide in September 2017. Strange had been appointed to take former Sen. Jeff Sessions’ seat after Trump appointed Sessions to be the U.S. Attorney General.

    Trump initially supported Strange, but then endorsed Moore after he won the primary.

    Moore is the former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. He is known for his staunchly pro-life, pro-marriage views and support of Christianity in the public square.

    He has been removed as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court twice, once for refusing to remove a 10 Commandments monument in 2003 and once for refusing the legitimize same-sex “marriage” in 2016.

    Moore told LifeSiteNews in October that there’s a “wide discrepancy” between his and Jones’ views on abortion.

    Moore rode to his polling station on horseback today, which he also did when voting for himself against Strange.

    If Moore had won, he would have faced a Senate Ethics investigation, according to Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-KY, the Senate Majority Leader.

    On his show Tuesday night, Tucker Carlson wondered if the race would have gone differently had Jones campaigned as pro-life rather than pro-abortion.

  2. Pro-Abortion Alabama Senate Candidate Doug Jones Defeats Roy Moore, Planned Parenthood Applauds

    STEVEN ERTELT DEC 13, 2017

    Abortion supporter Doug Jones defeated pro-life candidate Roy Moore in the special election for Senate seat in Alabama. Jones will apparently take the seat previously held by pro-life Sen. Jeff Sessions, who vacated it to become attorney general.

    Moore was unable to overcome substantial allegations about his relationships with minor girls that made it so even pro-life Republican voters were reluctant to vote for him despite the enormous differences over the abortion issue.

    Jones professes radical pro-abortion views that few Americans share. Jones supports the taxpayer-funded abortion giant Planned Parenthood, which is being criminally investigated for selling aborted baby body parts. And he opposes bans on later-term abortions that protect pain-capable unborn babies after 20 weeks.

    In the waning days of the campaign, Jones essentially told Alabama voters not to vote for him if they disagree with his pro-abortion stance.

    “Look, my stance on that is well-known, it has been clarified. It has been misinterpreted over time,” said Jones. “But you know what? People are going to vote on the issues of the day. If that’s their issue, that’s their issue.”

    Jones’ victory makes it all but certain that the Senate will not have the votes to defund Planned Parenthood until at least the 2018 mid-term election, where pro-life groups hope to defeat Jones in a regular election as well as other pro-abortion Democrats who have held up legislation to revoke taxpayer funding from, the nation’s biggest abortion business.

    The abortion business applauded his victory on Twitter.

    “Congratulations to @GDouglasJones on this great victory. We stand with him,” it said.

    Earlier this fall, Jones told MSNBC’s Chuck Todd that he would not support any restrictions on abortion, if elected. Specifically, he said he opposes a ban on abortion after 20 weeks when strong scientific evidence indicates unborn babies can feel pain.

    TODD: So you wouldn’t be in favor of legislation that said, ban abortion after 20 weeks or something like that?
    JONES: I’m not in favor of anything that is going to infringe on a woman’s right and her freedom to choose.
    Jones used the same line that abortion activists have been using lately to support late-term abortions on viable, healthy unborn babies. They use it to fight against bans on sex-selection abortions and abortions on unborn babies with disabilities like Down syndrome.

    The Alabama special election was a difficult one for many pro-life voters. Neither candidate was the kind of person pro-life voters would prefer to wholeheartedly support.

  3. The repercussions of this fiasco are ominous for both the WH and Senate.
    Team Trump is coming unglued.

  4. Alabama: An Autopsy

    DEC 13 ’17
    Posted by Mundabor

    Sorry, little one. You will have to die so that I can feel good with myself.

    The narrow, but clear defeat in Alabama forces yours truly to write a couple of considerations about how this could happen. I see, in the main, four causes (actually three and a half), which I will proceed to explain in order or importance.

    1. The Sanctimonious Judases

    Slandering a candidate with baseless accusations has evidently paid. Hundreds of thousands of white conservative voters thought it better to stay home as their precious feelings were hurt by fake accusations of alleged behaviour of more than 40 years ago. It really speaks against universal suffrage that so many would be so dumb.

    With an extremely important seat in play for tax reform, judicial appointments, the Wall and the killing of Obamacare, they have chosen to feel good with themselves instead. I hope their Obamacare premiums will skyrocket next year, the year thereafter and in 2020 before (as I understand) the seat last won by Sessions in 2014 becomes available again. Also, pretty likely, no tax cuts. One can hope this is still not the end of sensible judicial appointments (Gorsuch was appointed with the vote of several Democratic Senators), but it does not make future appointments easier for sure. Congratulations, you idiots.

    The lesson to be drawn here is one I have already mentioned in the past: if your candidate promises to be a solid, dependable pro-life, pro-Trump, pro-Wall candidate in 2018 you vote for him even if he used to be a Black Panther member in 1972. It beggars belief that the slaughter on one million children a year should not be made one step nearer to termination because of – in this case: alleged; but it’s truly not relevant – the desire of people who profess to be conservative and pro-life to feel good with themselves.

    If Moore had been elected it would have been a win-win. Either he is investigated or not. If he is investigated and removed, there is all the time to find a suitable replacement. The seat remains Republican at all times. Now the seat is occupied by a chap who wants the right to abortion up to the moment of birth, a position more extreme than even Planned Parenthood’s.

    Again: congratulations, you idiots. May God forgive you.

    I am not sure He will.

    2. The Republican Establishment

    Not much to say on this. The obscene spectacle of the top ranks amongs Senate Republicans asking for Moore to stand aside – before tepidly supporting him, the cowardly mongrels, when it looked likely he would win – makes clear once again that Mitch McConnell & Co. are the enemy number one of the pro-life, pro-2nd amendment, pro-tax reform, pro-wall, anti-Obamacare agenda. They do not care how much losses it costs if it helps them to expunge Trump from their ranks. McConnell is working for the opposition day in and day out. He should be the first to be made to go, then he has not only managed to lose twice, but he plans to lose whenever a victory would benefit Trump. The so-called GOP is infested by little Grima Wormtongues, working for the enemy with a brazenness I have never seen in Italy, Germany, or England.

    3. Donald Trump

    Like McConnell, Trump has lost twice. In his case, he has lost because he wanted to be prudent, and has tried to play Machiavelli : if Moore wins, I have supported him; if he loses, I will say Luther Strange would have been the right pick.

    This is a very dangerous game, because Trump will now find it more difficult to push his agenda in the Senate. The very narrow defeat makes the wound more painful.

    Trump should have travelled to Alabama several times, and he should have thrown his considerable popularity in the game, instead of limiting himself to a handful of tweets and statements. He should have been photographed with Moore for all the planet to see, causing Democratic outrage and a huge Wave Of Deplorables. He should have considered this the priority number one of his work in the weeks leading to the election. He should have campaigned for him with the message that it is important to keep the Senate inRepublican hands, and any – improbable – ground for resignation can be handled later. His support for Moore was clear, but not enthusiastic. Not anywhere near a Trump Train.

    Trump’s victory in 2016 does not mean that the game is won. The mobilisation must be pursued again and again. It beggars belief that the Democrats could get the Black vote out in record numbers, whilst the Deplorables stayed home. It is necessary to awaken the same spirit of 2016 every single time, and Trump must be a vital part of it.

    3.5 Roy Moore

    One does not really want to blame the guy for being himself. But I read things that I thought were from another century, like his dislike for big TV campaigns and massive spending, as if he would win just because he prays. Ground game and TV campaigns are important, and they cost a lot of money. It is neither dirty nor dishonourable to use them. God helps those who help themselves.

    This is a blow, but not a KO. However, the failure to energise the voters in November 2018 could end up with Trump losing both House and Senate, just – if memory serves – like Clinton in 1994. The Democrats have a far better ground game, and without a great Deplorables’ Rise next year this will have a great impact on the final result.

    Next year’s battle must be on two fronts: the Primaries to weed out as many RINOs as reasonably practicable, and the elections to keep both House and Senate in Republican hands and the least possible number of RINOs.

    This was a blow, but I would still not want to be the other side. However, it goes to show how easy it is to squander even the most beautiful of pacific popular uprisings.

  5. Conservatives [such as National Review’s senior writer, David French, and Ann Coulter] who rejoice in election of Alabama’s pro-abortion Democrat are traitors

    [Ann Coulter: Why I Secretly [!?] Wanted Moore To Lose; Alabama GOP Rep. Mo Brooks 2020, who may be dead by then, because he recently Announced a Battle With Prostate Cancer, Saying Losing Senate Primary May Have Saved His Life]

    Doug Mainwaring

    December 13, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – A democrat who supports abortion as well as the LGBT agenda has been elected United States Senator in a deep red state. Doug Jones, a man who believes abortion is just fine right up until a baby is born, is now waiting to be seated as Alabama’s next Senator.

    It’s not surprising that pro-abortion activists along with homosexual activists are rejoicing over Jones’ narrow-margin win yesterday in Alabama’s special election. What’s surprising, and even alarming, is how so-called “right-leaning” outlets are also rejoicing in the news.

    National Review senior writer David French was positively gleeful about Jones’ win [Alabama Conservatives Made Their Stand]. He went as far as boasting that Conservatives with “integrity” should be credited with Judge Roy Moore defeat.

    “Let’s plainly state the reason why Roy Moore lost tonight. Alabama conservatives took a stand. By the tens of thousands they either stayed home, voted for other candidates, or — in some instances — voted for Doug Jones,” wrote David French shortly after Jones was declared the winner of the race.

    “Tonight,” French continued, “Alabama conservatives told Steve Bannon and, yes, Donald Trump that integrity matters. They told their party that some victories aren’t worth the cost. They declared that partisanship isn’t worth grotesque moral compromise,” he added.

    The implication in French’s words is that half of Alabamans who voted for Republican Judge Roy Moore somehow lack integrity. French’s statement is no different in sentiment from former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton who famously referred to Trump supporters as “Deplorables.”

    This is very low of French and others who make such bigoted implications.

    Robert Gagnon, former Associate Professor of New Testament at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, commented that French’s comments on Moore’s defeat took his “breath away” for being “excessive.”

    “In my nearly 60 years of existence I have never read a more vicious, malicious, and (frankly) unchristian attack on a politician (here an evangelical Christian politician) by a respected conservative Christian op-ed writer,” he said.

    So-called “conservatives” who claim integrity by not voting at all yesterday or in voting for Jones have themselves entered into, in French’s words, a “grotesque moral compromise.” They have teamed up with a man and a political party supportive of both unfettered abortion and the vast rainbow-array of ideological demands by transgender and homosexual activists.

    Any so-called “conservative” who rejoices in Jones’ win joins a truly strange coalition of abortion and LGBT activists who, along with George-Soros-funded organizations campaigned for Moore’s defeat. These anti-life and anti-family activist groups rejoiced too in the news of Jones’ win.

    Abortion giant Planned Parenthood tweeted: “Congratulations to @GDouglasJones on this great victory.” It added, “We stand with him.”

    Gay news sites blared triumphant headlines this morning: “Doug Jones pulls off win, slays anti-LGBT candidate” and “Doug Jones Defeats Homophobe.” The Human Rights Campaign’s website declared, “VICTORY! HRC-Backed Candidate Doug Jones Elected to U.S. Senate.”

    Surely this must signal to such “conservatives” that something is seriously amiss with their joy at Moore’s defeat. If not, it should.

    Moore may not have been a perfect candidate. Various allegations from women in Moore’s past (40 years ago) who claim he was sexually inappropriate with them testify to this (even though Moore has denied the allegations).

    But French overlooks the fact that the Heart of Dixie has just said “yes” to far more malignant forms of, in the word’s of French, “ignorance” and “malice.”

    Alabamans just said yes to a man who supports the killing of children, right up to moments before they are born.

    They just said yes to a man who will do nothing to protect their born children from the onslaught of homosexual and transgender propaganda that is infiltrating schools across the state.

    They just said yes to a man who’s past actions reveal that he will do nothing to build a true culture that respects life and family in Alabama. Everything we know about Jones suggests, in fact, the opposite, namely that he will leave a path of moral destruction in his political wake that will harm lives for years to come. Any “conservative” rejoicing in this win has betrayed the most important values true conservatives stand for.

  6. [To add insult to injury]

    Former Planned Parenthood VP will be appointed to U.S. Senate

    Claire Chretien

    MINNESOTA, December 13, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – The governor of Minnesota has appointed former Planned Parenthood vice president Tina Flint Smith to replace Democratic Sen. Al Franken, who resigned last week over sexual misconduct.

    Smith is Gov. Mark Dayton’s Lieutenant Governor. She was the vice president of public policy at Planned Parenthood of Minnesota and the Dakotas from 2003 to 2006.

    Minnesota Citizens for Life President Leo LaLonde called Smith an “abortion industry insider” and her appointment “overwhelmingly disappointing to the state’s pro-life majority.”

    Smith was rumored to a top Democratic choice for governor in 2018, but she said she wasn’t planning on running to replace Dayton.

    Dayton announced Smith’s appointment this morning.

    Planned Parenthood is America’s largest abortion vendor. It commits over 300,000 abortions annually. It is currently being investigated by the Department of Justice for its role in the fetal body parts trade.

    Planned Parenthood has also been caught aiding and abetting sex traffickers and covering up child sex abuse.

    “The choice of Ms. Smith is particularly egregious to Minnesota’s pro-life citizens, who will have no representation in the Senate,” said LaLonde. “Most Minnesotans are pro-life. They support greater protection for unborn human beings. Minnesotans need someone who will fight for justice for the most vulnerable among us, the unborn.”

    Smith will serve until November, when she will run for re-election for the remaining two years of Franken’s old term, according to the AP.

    According to Minnesota Citizens for Life, under Smith’s leadership, the abortion company increased its abortions by 22 percent. In 2004, when Smith was there using her marketing background to bolster Planned Parenthood, it became the largest abortion vendor in the state. It still holds that position.

    When Smith was at Planned Parenthood, the company “was also reimbursed $458,574.74 by Minnesota taxpayers for performing 1,892 abortions on low-income women,” Minnesota Citizens for Life reported, and it has “received $12.65 million in government grants from 2003 to 2005.”

    As an abortion executive, Smith opposed a measure informing women about the risks of abortion and argued that pregnancy centers that don’t refer women to abortionists shouldn’t be eligible for government grants.

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