Cardinal Müller, Francis‘ Recent Move Is Disturbing

Cardinal Müller, Francis‘ Recent Move Is Disturbing

Cardinal Gerhard Müller calls it “disturbing” that Pope Francis declared the Buenos Aires bishops’ interpretation of Amoris Laetitia “authentic magisterium”.

Talking to the National Catholic Register (December 13), Müller states that pastoral guidelines of bishops of any region “do not oblige all the faithful of the world to accept this interpretation of footnote 351 as divinely necessary for salvation and accepted Catholic belief.”

Müller underlines that a pope cannot “submit his personal view of things for others to believe, or force their acceptance with canonical punishments”.

The magisterium “teaches nothing other than what is contained in Revelation”. And, “The word of Jesus on marriage and adultery and the impossibility of a second marriage during the lifetime of the legitimate spouse is the norm of all pastoral and pastoral action of the Church.”

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