African Bishop Contradicts Francis’ Claim

African Bishop Contradicts Francis’ Claim

“Oriental religions are a form of true paganism” said Burkina Faso Bishop Basile Tapsoba, 75, when asked what he thinks about Pope Francis’ claim that the words of Buddha can be a guide for Christians.

Talking to La Fede Quotidiana Tapsoba confirmed that “the religion of Buddha and all oriental religions are not compatible with Christianity.”

He points out that Jesus has said that we cannot have two masters, “Either him or others, one has to choose, a middle way cannot exist.”

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4 comments on “African Bishop Contradicts Francis’ Claim

  1. Gratias tibi, Antistite Basile!
    As Michael Cain knows, you do NOT want to cross a courageous African leader! (Cue warrior chant scene from the movie classic, “Zulu!”).

  2. Still a classic worth re-viewing now and again.
    Thank you, Tom!

  3. Remarried Divorcees Live in Grave Sin

    Burkina Faso Bishop Basile Tapsoba, 75, confirmed that divorcees living in a second union may not receive Holy Communion “because they live in mortal sin.”

    Talking to La Fede Quotidiana, Tapsoba said that everybody needs to remember what the doctrine of the Church, the Catechism and Holy Writ, especially Saint Paul, says about this.

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