Wildfire Update from gpmtrad

Fire nearest my daughter was knocked down, Deo gratias!

One nearest me now 50 percent contained. High wind threat remains in effect into late Sunday.

Thank you everyone for your charity and prayers. God reward you!


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4 comments on “Wildfire Update from gpmtrad

  1. Thanks for the update. That’s frightening. Do you have smoke? I hate that smell.

  2. Thank you for the news. Deo gratias for the news about the fire near your daughter. Continued prayers for you and the people fighting the fire nearest you.

  3. No smoke odor today. Slight smell Thursday but winds were
    flowing northerly then and are now easterly with no heavy Santa Anna effect, so far.

    Most recent news is that containment is up to 60 percent as of the past hour. What that means, I’ve learned, is that only already burned areas which appear to contain no remaining smoldering pockets are to be considered “contained”. The winds can spread embers for miles with one blast of wind. Then the whole nightmare can begin all over again.

    So far (11:20 AM, Pacific) we are still experiencing low to moderate easterly winds but I am a few miles north of red zone. It could be an entirely different scene where the still-active fires continue burning.

    Tremendous debt of gratitude to the firefighters and Marine chopper pilots from Camp Pendleton is owed by 100s of thousands of local residents. .

  4. Good News , Stay Safe !

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