Archbishop Hoser Will Be Fulltime Medjugorie Prelate, Nay Advocate

Archbishop Hoser Will Be Fulltime Medjugorie Prelate Advocate

Pope Francis has accepted the demission of Archbishop Henryk Hoser of Warszawa-Praga, Poland. Hoser is now likely to become the Pontifical Delegate for the sanctuary of Medjugorie.

According to the Italian weekly Famiglia Cristiana, Hoser believes that Medjugorie is in direct line with the “new evangelization”. He seems to care little about the truthfulness of the alleged apparitions, “It is not my task to express myself about this because the Church has not spoken about this matter.”

Hoser holds a similar position regarding the reliability of the alleged visionaries, “I abstain from a judgment, because this is not my task.” Hoser calls Medjugorie “a small Lourdes”.

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4 comments on “Archbishop Hoser Will Be Fulltime Medjugorie Prelate, Nay Advocate

  1. “It is not my task to express myself about this because the Church has not spoken about this matter.”

    Lies, lies. Hear Bishop Peric, who was (is?) the local ordinary and therefore the rightful authority:

    “Taking into account all that has been examined and studied by this Diocesan Chancery, including the study of the first seven days of the alleged apparitions, people (può) can peacefully say: The Madonna has not appeared in Medjugorje! This is the truth that we support, and we believe in the word of Jesus, according to which the truth will set us free (cf. Jn 8:32).”

    Here is a site with a lot of information:
    (Symonds is the guy that Chris Ferrara tore apart re Fatima. His info on Medj looks solid, though.)

  2. The case was closed by Bp. Zanic within the first two months, following that absurd moment when Yugoslav kidlings went out for a smoke and returned with a yarn that their ModPriest masters spun into billions in fresh foreign currency eagerly handed over by disenfranchised, befuddled pew dwellers.
    PT Barnum must be spinning in his grave with envy!

  3. Everytime I read about Medjugorje, I lament losing the expose that was written by Frere Michel de la Sainte Trinite (author of the trilogy The Whole Truth About Fatima) for the Abbe de Nantes and the CRC back in the 1980s, when Medjugorje was still fairly new. It was excellent. I searched for it online and never found it. I would have thought that the CRC would have preserved it on their website, but I never found it there.

    Anyway, Medjugorje has been discredited in so many ways it is ridiculous that it still goes on. “The Gospa”, for instance, praised to the highest heavens the apostate former priest Tomislav Vlasic who was defrocked for his scandalous behavior and is now part of a weird New Age cult (last I heard) that uses Medjugorje in its propaganda. If it was really Our Lady, of course she would not have praised this creep.

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