Vienna Cardinal Slams Austrian Constitutional Court Gay Marriage Ruling

Vienna Cardinal Slams [Austrian Constitutional Court] Gay Marriage Ruling

From Church Militant Headlines for December 8, 2017

Cdl. Christoph Schoenborn blasts court decision as harmful.

FULL STORY: Cardinal Schönborn: Austrian court ruling on same-sex marriage ‘denies reality’ (Catholic Herald)

Vienna Cardinal “speak with forked tongue,” because he has allowed funerals of homosexuals in the archdiocesan cathedral such as the 2009 one for the homo-commie, sodo-married artist Alfred Hrdlicka – along with a display of his homo-pornographic “art” (see Cardinal Schönborn Allows Communist Burial Service at Vienna Cathedral, and on several occasions he has advocated “civic unions” for homosexuals (an idea whose time has gone wherever it arrived or if it ever arrived):

According to The Tablet (aka The Pill) in a May 2010 press conference to members of the Austrian media, he was …

Questioned on the Church’s attitude to homosexuals, the cardinal said: “We should give more consideration to the quality of homosexual relationships,” adding: “A stable relationship is certainly better than if someone chooses to be promiscuous.” … Instead of a morality based on duty, we should work towards a morality based on happiness, he continued.

See also LifeSiteNews’ April 12, 2013 report Vienna Cardinal: Same-sex relationships need ‘civil law protection’ on that and other statements and actions by His Eminence concerning sodomy and sodomites.

Finally see Voice of the Family’s October 16, 2014 report CARDINAL SCHÖNBORN ADDS TO CHAOTIC SYNOD’S CONFUSION ON MORALITY especially:

According to Vatican correspondents following today’s [October 16, 2014] Vatican press briefing on the Synod, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn said that people should see positive elements in morally defective relationships. He showered praise upon a homosexual couple he knew, referring to them as “marvellous” and the care of one partner for the other as “saintly”. The cardinal that the Church “shouldn’t look into the bedroom, but the living room of a family”. … He also called for the Church to move beyond the language of the 1992 Catechism of the Catholic Church, which he himself edited [such as homosexuality is a “disordered” inclination and homosexual acts are sinful].

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