Lisbon Cardinal, Divorced Marriages Are Most Likely Null

Lisbon Cardinal, Divorced Marriages Are Most Likely Null

[Reversing the previous stance of Canon 1060, His Eminence along with many other Church officials now believe marriage no longer enjoys the favor of the law and thus is presumed invalid until the contrary is proven (if ever) – emphasis added]

Lisbon Cardinal Manuel Clemente has claimed that “in the greatest number of cases” the marriage of those Catholics who have divorced and entered a second illegitimate union was null.

According to Catholic agency Agencia Ecclesia Clemente urged his priests to take a “fundamental attitude of ‘welcoming,’ ‘accompaniment’ and ‘discernment’” of adulterers.

Clemente also claimed with reference to Pope Francis that adulterers can “in some cases return to the sacramental life”. This contradicts Catholic doctrine according to which adulterers have to leave their illegitimate partners and to be absolved of this sin before they can receive the sacraments again.

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One comment on “Lisbon Cardinal, Divorced Marriages Are Most Likely Null

  1. Bad news, Cdl. Clemente…
    If most Catholic marriages are invalid, the reason is obviously NOT
    1) That the spouses are the same gender.
    2) That they are unbaptized.
    In other words, it’s not that the matter is invalid. It’s NOT
    3) That the ceremony was lacking in due form.
    Then what’s left?
    Besides proper matter and form, there is only one other thing required for validity.
    Yeah…correct intention. The spouses have to know that marriage is for life, and that its purpose is the procreation and education of children, firstly, and mutual sanctification, secondly.
    But then, who is responsible if the majority of Catholics are ignorant of such things, such that they cannot form a right intention?
    Your name, Cdl. Clemente, does not fit you. You are going to hell, Cdl. Sinclemencia, unless you repent.

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