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In the past couple of months I’ve either heard or read comments about Christendom College that were highly critical. The gist of these remarks was that the school has changed or that the school was never as orthodox as we thought. The first time I heard someone say this I dismissed it outright because the person speaking was someone I don’t respect and he was ranting. Later I heard or read other people’s comments about Christendom on various sites and blogs. Two individuals, whose opinions I do value, bluntly expressed unhappiness about the school’s association with Dr. Elizabeth Lev [Glendon] due to the scandal of her affair and “marriage” to a [former] priest [Dr. Tom Williams, ex-L.C.]. The others were vague and assumed that their listeners all knew what they were talking about.

This disturbs me because Christendom is seen as one of the precious few bright spots in Catholic higher education. It’s so respected in my area that when a new priest or lay teacher shows up in a parish people almost sigh in relief when they hear that he/she went to Christendom because the unspoken assumption is that while we may or may not personally like this priest or this lay person, we can trust him or her to teach the Faith.

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  1. See Dr. Robert Hickson’s full account of Perfidy and Betrayal at Christendom College in the critical years of 1985-1992

    Dr. Peter Chojnowski
    RadTrad Thomist
    November 25, 2017


    The full and dramatic account of Dr. Robert Hickson, well-known to faithful Catholics in America and throughout the world, concerning what happened to him during the critical years —- during all of which I was either attending the college or “around” the college — when the College seemed to change its mission. At the time, I did not realize what was going on fully. I did not understand that Hickson had to be gotten rid of because he represented and embodied —– well, the old Christendom, by this, I mean the “old” Christian Civilization, which he had always fought for and continues to fight for — even here in this essay, where he exposes the deep wounds which were inflicted on him during and after these years and which he has mostly kept to himself, suffering with a dignity and pudor (what the ancients treasured as an almost modest “bashfulness”), that is heroic. This full account of his trials, just posted yesterday, should provoke much commentary, self-reflection, and what is most importance —- REPENTANCE. Certainly this latter is called for in light of the shameful treatment of Mr. Dick Seelbach and his wife, when they were so instrumental in establishing and maintaining the college in those early years.

    Here is the story, linked to above. I will have further comments as I again reflect on the text. After this expose, Neo-Con Catholic Disneyland (aka Christendom College) begins to resemble a Neo-Modernist Laugh-in-the-Dark!

  2. re: “Neo-Con Catholic Disneyland”

    Wasn’t the pizza mogul’s college in Florida running for that title?

  3. Have Williams and Lev ever apologized? Since they keep in the limelight, I suspect not.

    Tom, you once posted an article about them with all the salacious details. If you could provide a link, that would be good.

  4. Acclaimed Art Historian Elizabeth Lev to “Take on the Temples” at Christendom
    March 7, 2017
    Acclaimed art historian and author Elizabeth Lev will deliver an exclusive lecture to the Christendom College community on Monday, March 20 titled “Taking on the Temples: The Development of Christian Sacred Space in St. John Lateran.” The talk, which will be given at the college’s St. Lawrence Commons, will begin at 7:00 p.m.

    Lev is a highly sought speaker, tour guide, and teacher, thanks to her extensive background in art history and her dynamic, engaging personality.

    Lev, who has taught art and architecture courses for the Christendom College Junior Semester in Rome Program for years, is an American-born art historian who currently lives and works in Rome. After earning degrees from the University of Chicago and the University of Bologna, Lev became a denizen of Rome in 1997, giving tours of the city while also teaching art history for Duquesne University. With her dynamic and engaging speaking skills, Lev is now a highly sought tour guide, teacher, and public speaker. She has presented TED talks, and has appeared on ABC’s Nightline and the Today Show.

    In addition to numerous articles, Lev is the author of three books, The Tigress of Forli: Renaissance Italy’s Most Courageous and Notorious Countess, Caterina Riario Sforza de’ Medici, Roman Pilgrimage: The Station Churches with George Weigel, and A Body for Glory: Theology of the Body in the Papal Collections with Fr. Jose Granados.

  5. www.christendom.edu/academics/semester-in-rome/

    “It’s amazing to go to class every week and be with students who are living such an extraordinary experience and living it so fully.”
    Prof. Elizabeth Lev
    Professor of Art & Architecture, Christendom College

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