FrancisChurch – Where The Conspiracy Nuts Appear Sane…

FrancisChurch – Where The Conspiracy Nuts Appear Sane…

Quick one today.

On this blog you dear reader no doubt ran across material that suggested that there was more to the WikiLeaks revelations about the OBAMA/CrookedHillary camp intervening in matters behind the Sacred Vatican Walls, than was being written.

Of the above mentioned posts, yesterday’s is a case in point.

I did’t want to emphasize this aspect since these were just suspicions and not substantiated by any material EVIDENCE.

And now we get the below, via Deacon Nick Donnelly’s Twitter Feed:

And this…

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One comment on “FrancisChurch – Where The Conspiracy Nuts Appear Sane…

  1. The term “conspiracy theory” as a media label was developed after the JFK assassination to discredit anyone pointing out the problems with the official lone gunman narrative offered by the Warren Commission.

    The secularism and totalitarian socialism of modernity are, in fact, the product of an organized conspiracy of anti-Christian secret societies involving the Illuminati and masonic cults. Obama was their puppet. Those are facts of the historical which only complete idiots and the conspirators themselves try to deny. Whether Bergoglio is just a useful idiot and clown produced by the modernist movement or a conscious and deliberate fellow traveler, enabling the destruction of the Catholic Church, Europe, and Western civilization to help usher in the New World Order of totalitarian rule by secret societies, Vatican experts and church historians can debate. The fact that it is happening and that this modernist clown is helping it along should concern all Catholics. A buffoon helping to impose evil policies is still evidence of diabolical influence and the demonic. Satan is the master of the secret society conspiracies.

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