Nullification of a marriage within a single sitting

[Nullification of a marriage within a single sitting]

Michael Hichborn

From  Your Catholic Week in Review Posted on December 2, 2017

An Address of the Holy Father dated 25 November 2017 seems to be causing a bit of a stir over at InfoVaticana, and though it will require a translation from Spanish to English (and Google Translate does a fair job of getting the gist of the article itself), it might require a canon lawyer to sort out the effects of this address as it pertains to two motu proprio concerning the nullification of a marriage.

In effect, the address instructs bishops to enact the nullification of a marriage within a single sitting, meaning that former due process conducted in accordance with canon law can be somewhat bypassed in what Pope Francis outlines as a “briefer process” — in effect, when both parties are consented to dissolve the marriage, the bishop himself can bypass the “ordinary process” and simply pronounce the marriage a nullity.

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3 comments on “Nullification of a marriage within a single sitting

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  2. ‘Twould be an act of mercy to provide the Vatican hipsters and every bishop, worldwide, with a copy of Dante’s Inferno.

  3. Bp. Laxius: So you both agree that your marriage was invalid because Trixie didn’t like to cook and you, Homer, couldn’t stand whatever she did prepare on rare occasions?
    Homer: Yep.
    Trixie: WHAT-everrrrr (sighs, rolls her eyes)
    Bp. Laxius: Hmmm. And how many children do you have?
    Trixie: Five. The oldest three attend St. Bumptious Academy.
    Homer: They take all their meals there and we do Mickey D’s and Pizza Hut on weekends. THEY can’t stand her cooking, either.
    Bp. Laxius: Well, no question of incompatibility, then. And I do have a tee time in less than an hour so, here ya go, kids. Better luck next time!

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