Rocco Buttiglione: “I hope to improve relations between the Pope and Cardinal Mueller”

Rocco Buttiglione: “I hope to improve relations between the Pope and Cardinal Mueller”

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Michele M. Ippolito December 1st 2017

“Often they did say to Cardinal Muller what he does not think.” The philosopher and politician Rocco Buttiglione tells us in this interview, author of the volume “Friendly replies to the critics of Amoris Laetitia” (editions Ares). As you know, the text is anticipated by a long and articulated preface by Cardinal Muller that caused a sensation and that someone has seen as a kind of reverse of the German porporate. And so, word to Rocco Buttiglione.

Mr Buttiglione, what is the real Muller, the one before the book or the preface?

“The truth is this. Often, in the recent past, they wanted to make Cardinal Muller say what he did not think and never thought about. It is a well-established tactic, one piece is extrapolated, one isolates it from the general context and the game, very ugly, is done. On the occasion of my book, Muller finally and entirely could say what he thought, even if I do not claim to be his exegete “.

You know Muller well. What is your relationship with Pope Francis?

“The cardinal is a great theologian and a serious philosopher, he does not run after popularity and politically correct. I hope relationships can improve “.

Amoris Laetitia, what is your evaluation?

“The document, in my opinion, is beautiful and complex, and has been attacked by some acrimonious and probably biased critique. I agree with Muller who thinks there is an attempt to exploit Amoris Laetitia. I think it is not true that everything remains the same, even if the doctrine regarding the indissolubility of the marriage bond remains intact. However, we must realize that many people who live in an irregular situation do so because they are not evangelized and then we all know that in order to commit a sin we need the deliberate consent “.

What to do?

“People with common sense must avoid mutual excommunications and reason, talking and understanding each other. The feeling is that at the moment in the Church there are two opposing factions “.

It is widely said that Amoris Laetitia can be confusing ..

” It is not so. Obviously we must always start from the objective datum which is immutable. But there is the subjective one and the particular situation of the people to be taken into careful consideration. The true friend is the one who helps to see things, not those who can only point the finger and condemn. Today I like this Church: it affirms the Truth and listens. Somewhere we talk about confusion, but this has always happened, also remembering that not everything about modernity is wrong. We must always look at the reasons of man and the extenuating circumstances “.

What do you think of the positions of Socci?

“I’m sorry for him, reflect and pray more. Today there are many exploits of the Pope and the claim to read it unilaterally, depending on the convenience of part “.

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