“God is Rohingya…” or some damn thing…

“God is Rohingya…” or some damn thing…


What he says doesn’t matter. The one thing we’ve learned is that reality doesn’t interest him in the least.

“‘The presence of God today is called Rohingya,’ the Pope said after speaking to an interfaith audience in Bangladesh.

“He did not use the term in public earlier in the week in Myanmar, to the dismay of campaigners for the Rohingya, whose stories of escaping violence in the country have provoked international condemnation.”

What does it mean? Frankly, it doesn’t matter. Meaning isn’t the point and never has been. It means Greg Burke was whispering in his ear that he was getting criticism for not saying the R-word in Burma.

It means pretty much the same thing as this photo.

It means more or less what the “Wwaah-whah wah, wha whah-whah wah” meant from Peppermint Patty’s teacher.It’s intended to do one thing, the same thing that everything else he does is meant for.

To produce more or less this result.~

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  1. Pope Francis to be launced from circus cannon in flight honoring Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation
    Holly Beth McQuackly
    National Catholic Aeronautical Review
    December 2, 2017

    Vatican City – Plans are underway to launch Pope Francis from a circus cannon in a flight from Tübingen to Wittenberg, Germany, in honor of Martin Luther and the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. The papal circus cannon flight is a joint project of the European Space Agency and the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue. It is believed that this will be the first time that a Catholic pope has honored Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation by being fired out of a circus cannon between the two religious cities.

    Father Guido Sarducci, a seasoned Vatican observer and professor of moral theology at the Gregorian University in Rome, said that “all precautions are being taken to ensure the safety of the Holy Father in this commemorative flight to promote ecumenical dialogue and mutual understanding between Protestants and Catholics. The Holy Father has a great interest in aeronautics, daredevils, and carnies, so he wanted to reach out in a way which would call greater attention for the need for ecumenical dialogue and cooperation between Christian denominations, in the interests of world peace.”

    It is reported that inspiration for the idea was sparked by the Holy Father’s admination for daredevil motorcycle jump artist Evel Knievel’s 1974 Skycycle X-2 launch over the Snake River Canyon televised on ABC’s Wide World of Sports. In keeping with that tradition, the Holy Father’s circus cannon launch between Tübingen and Wittenberg will be covered live on EWTN.

    Evel Knievel preparing for launch in the X-2 Sky Cycle

    It has been reported that modernist theologian Father Hans Küng will be the official spotter to track the Holy Father’s parachute landing in Wittenberg, the town in in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, where Martin Luther launched the Protestant Reformation in 1517 A.D.

    Theologian Hans Küng has been checking wind speed and air pressure to ensure a safe flight for the Holy Father in this historic circus cannon launch between Tübingen and Wittenberg. Father Küng will be filing the official flight plan with the European Space Agency and NATO.

    “When the Holy Father comes in for a landing, they have, like, a big circus net or something set up to catch him and cushion his fall,” Father Guido Sarducci explained, “which is, like, really safe and the net, oddly enough, is shaped like an Enneagram.”

    The nine points of the Enneagram symbolizing the nine principles of ecumenical dialogue between Protestants and Catholics in the modernist Spirit of Vatican II.

    Father Sarducci reporting in Rome

    “They tested it by firing Cardinal Dolan out of the circus cannon the other day,” Father Sarducci continued, “and, I think, he weighs more than Pope Francis. I dunno for sure, but he’s a big guy. A semi-recovering Cheesehead or something, I think. But keep-a your fingers crossed, just in case. Now, the Holy Father will be wearing a steam-powered jetback to give him a little extra kick as he’s flyin’ which could be pretty important. There were plans to have the modernist faculty from the Gregorian University join him for the flight, but there were just too many insurance issues involved, so we have to watch from the grandstand instead.”

    “We have tested the steam-powered jetback with Cardinal Dolan flying through the air wearing it and it is perfectly safe. Like Eagles’ wings, ” Father Hans Küng asserted from his office. “Naturally, a steam engine was selected based on environmental concerns since climate change is very close to the Holy Father’s heart.”

    Pope Francis is greeted by cheering followers as he leaves the Vatican to prepare for the commemorative circus cannon launch in Tubingen, honoring Martin Luther and the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.

  2. Holy Beth just needs to type more slowly and attend fewer charismaniac hootenannies and weekend Enneagram seminars so she can make fewer typo mistakes when transcribing reports from the international Catholic media.

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