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John Allen Jr: The Gatekeeper of Crunchy Catholicism

John Allen Jr: The Gatekeeper of Crunchy Catholicism

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John Allen Jr.John Allen Jr.

As Christopher Ferrara noted, the recent fall of Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga, one of the key dogs in Pope Francis’s ecclesiastical kennel, has ripped the mask off the allegedly humble and modest Francis Church. We should have known better; like all “champagne socialists,” the Maradiaga scandal highlights the truism that the more one talks about his love for the poor, the more likely that person does not care about the poor at all. In his timely article, Ferrara also references the work of John Allen Jr., who chronicles the rollercoaster rise, fall and rehabilitation of Cardinal Rodriguez Maradiaga by Pope Francis himself, in his 2015 book, The Francis Miracle: Inside the Transformation of the Pope and the Church. read more

A New Year Prediction: Vatican Will Greenlight ‘Gay Unions’ in 2018

A New Year Prediction: Vatican Will Greenlight ‘Gay Unions’ in 2018

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Happy New Year!  First, the good news: the world didn’t end in 2017.  We’re still here, and unless something cataclysmic happens in the next few hours, we were evidently spared a much-deserved Divine chastisement.

The bad news?  We still have the leadership we deserve. The so-called ‘dictator pope’ may have started his pontificate at the bottom but over the course of 2017 he found a way to go down. In fact, his papal expedition down to theological La La Land has its sights set on October 2018. read more

Craig A. Ford’s Honesty on Catholic LGBTQUEER “Ministry”

Craig A. Ford’s Honesty on Catholic LGBTQUEER “Ministry”

Joseph Scambria highlights the whole kit and caboodle of ‘accompaniment’ given by sodomite-themed/friends-with-benefits ‘ministries’ inside of the Catholic Church: “Archdiocese NY LGBTQUEER Ministry Recommends: Avoid the Confessionals! …and other sodomite ‘Catholic’ news”

Sunday, December 31, 2017

This parish in New York has got it going on. They are advocating the ideas of Craig A. Ford. Craig pitches himself as an expert in the practice of Catholic ethics because he is a doctrinal candidate of Theological “Ethics” at Boston College. A product of the Jesuits.

I don’t think you’ll be surprised by Craig’s talking points. We all know how highly skilled Jesuits are in teaching Catholics how to defile Catholic Theological Ethics, while kidding yourself into believing you’re a practicing Catholic. It’s been a good money-making gig for the last 60 years. read more

Novena to the Holy Family Dec. 30 – Jan. 7

Novena to the Holy Family

Starts Dec. 30 ending Jan. 7 eve of the Feast of the Holy Family

O most loving Jesus, Who by Thy sublime and beautiful virtues of humility, obedience, poverty, modesty, charity, patience and gentleness, and by the example of Thy domestic life didst bless with peace and happiness the family Thou didst choose on earth, in Thy clemency look down upon this household, humbly prostrate before Thee and imploring Thy mercy. Remember that this family belongs to Thee; for to Thee we have in a special way dedicated and devoted ourselves. Look upon us in Thy loving kindness; preserve us from danger; give us help in time of need, and grant us the grace to persevere to the end in the imitation of Thy Holy Family;
that having revered Thee and loved Thee faithfully on earth, we may bless and praise Thee eternally in heaven. read more

PP Baby Killers Close Another Mill: It’s About the Money

Planned Parenthood Closes Abortion Clinic Operating for 18 Years After It Loses Taxpayer Funding

by Steven Ertelt, Dec 27, 2017, LifeNews

LifeNews can report excellent news today from the state of Iowa. There, a Planned Parenthood abortion business that had been killing unborn children for 18 years is closing down. The abortion company blamed the Iowa state legislature for revoking its taxpayer funding as the reason why.

“After nearly two decades [of doing abortions] in the Quad Cities, on Friday, December 29, 2017, Planned Parenthood of the Heartland (PPHeartland) will officially close their Bettendorf location, a move directly resulting from defunding by extreme Iowa lawmakers,” the abortion giant grumbled in its press statement. read more

The National Shrine of St. Katharine Drexel welcomes final visitors

The National Shrine of St. Katharine Drexel welcomes final visitors

[The “springtime of Vatican II” comes to Bensalem, Pennsylvania]

By Joan Hellyer
Posted 12/30/17

Members of the general public visited the National Shrine of St. Katharine Drexel in Bensalem on Friday before it was set to close permanently late Saturday afternoon.

The Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament order announced in May 2016 it would reduce its financial burdens by selling the Bensalem property where Drexel’s body is entombed. The saint’s remains will be moved in early 2018 to the Cathedral Basilica of SS. Peter and Paul in Philadelphia. read more

The Pope’s fight against Satan

The Pope’s fight against Satan

In the first five years of his pontificate, Francis has cited the devil many times, insisting not only on his existence but also on his dangerousness


In five years, he has quoted [sic: A Freudian slip? No, bad translation; see Louie (AKA Catholic)’s comment and more below] him more times than his predecessors have done together in the last half century: for Pope Bergoglio the devil, and his ability to divide, are common topics in his daily preaching. A countercurrent preaching, since the Evil One has long been a great absent. … read more

The mystery of the shepherds

The mystery of the shepherds

Saturday, 30 December 2017

Many writers have speculated about the identities of the Magi, most recently Fr Dwight Longenecker. Clearly, many questions are still to be answered, of which the key ones are:
  • were there three of them?
  • were they wise?
  • were they men?

Indeed, next Christmas’s blockbuster by Fr James Martin SJ is expected to reveal that they were five women deacons wearing dalmatics.traddy creche

A traddy nativity scene, unsuitable for modern use.

Traditionally, at least, there were three wise men, called Kasper, Müller and Baldisseri, but nobody know how many shepherds there were, nor any of their names.

My own detailed research suggests that there were three shepherds (because Biblical stuff comes in threes, sevens, twelves and forties). I thought at first that Baa-lamb was a shepherd, but many scholars now say that he kept a donkey, and was nothing at all to do with the first Christmas. read more

USCCCP blog encourages readers to make ‘racial examination of conscience’

USCCCP blog encourages readers to make ‘racial examination of conscience’

[Inspired by the liberal notion that “only White can be racists”? Because of the explicit nature of some questions and the implicit assumpton of the rest that they are aimed at “Whites judging non-Whites”?]

From: To Go Forth: A blog from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Department of Justice, Peace & Human Development: Inspired by Pope Francis [sounds like the Ministries of Love, Peace, Plenty and Truth plus Big Brother in George Orwell’s 1984 – all rolled into one] via Catholic World News – 12/29/17 read more

Former President, “Pope [JP2] Honored Me Knowing That I Am A Freemason”

Former President, “Pope [JP2] Honored Me Knowing That I Am A Freemason” – 12/30/17 Former Ghana president John Agyekum Kufuor, 79, calls himself a Catholic and a freemason. He joined the “Freemason Secret Brotherhood” in the 1960s. In 2017 he celebrated in England the 300th anniversary of freemasonry.

Asked by Starr FM how he does reconcile Catholicism and Freemasonry, Kufuor answers that John Paul II honoured him with a Catholic knighthood although he knew that he was a mason.

Before receiving the honour he was interviewed to see if he would be a worthy recipient. Kufuor admitted twice being a mason, but he got the honour anyway.

Who is authenically “faithful” in approach to theology: The Bergoglian or the Lefebvrian?

[Who is authenically “faithful” in approach to theology: The Bergoglian or the Lefebvrian?]

Pope tells theologians: be faithful to Vatican II

Vatican News via Catholic World News – December 29, 2017

Speaking on December 29 to members of the Italian Theological Association, Pope Francis called for “creative fidelity” to the teachings of the Church. He applauded the group’s commitment to the teachings of Vatican II, saying, “The Church must always refer to that event, which began a ‘new stage of evangelization.’” read more

Restoration Round-up 2017: Congregation For The Doctrine Of The Faith Goes “Lefebvrian”…

Restoration Round-up 2017: Congregation For The Doctrine Of The Faith Goes “Lefebvrian”…

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Today’s year end Restoration Round-up brings GOOD NEWS.

Anno Domini 2017 was a breakthrough year for the Restoration for all things in Christ.

So how good was it, you dear readers are asking yourself?

Well, when the history of the Catholic Church is written in 50 or 100 years time, 2017 will be the year that the Restoration has passed its point of no return. And it’s not me, but the Deus ex Machina blog’s Peirce/Ockham pragmatic methodology (POPM) model that is making this claim. read more

TRADITIONAL CATHOLICISM: International Youth Movement

TRADITIONAL CATHOLICISM: International Youth Movement

Published on Dec 28, 2017

[The bishop is supportive of the traditional Latin liturgy (see comment below) but apparently cannot draw the conclusion of its proselytizing (better than “missionary” or “evangelizing”) value ]

When even the more conservative bishops such as Alexander Sample find it necessary to partner with Evangelical outfits such as the ‘non-denominational’ ministry, ‘Young Life, to try to get disenfranchised Catholic kids to come back to the Church, it’s obvious there’s a big problem. Just 50 years after Vatican II the Catholic world has lost its Catholic identity to such an extent that the bishops are reduced to consulting non-Catholic ministries to help them stop the hemorrhaging of Catholic young people out of the Church. One wonders if a non-denominational Protestant partnership can help resolve problems caused by a largely Protestantized Catholic liturgy. But there is a Catholic alternative that is working and that is taking root all over the world. What is it? It’s called going back to the future, and it’s an international Catholic youth movement based on the Traditional Latin Mass. read more

Catholic church in Xi’an diocese [in Communist China] forcibly demolished

Catholic church in Xi’an diocese [in Communist China] forcibly demolished

[No statement of the status of the church (Underground or Patriotic) but appears to be the latter, because the permits to build it were issued by ChiCom civil officials, and the bishop of the Xian diocese is “officially” Patriotic but also recognized by the Vatican]


The place of worship was built in 1999 with all the permits issued by the authorities. The demolition order was issued on 20 December. The Via Crucis, the tabernacle, the vestments and the chairs were destroyed. Catholics were not allowed to come near. Protests were held in front of the town hall. read more

Catholic Church in Taiwan Building Bridges [to the Mainland] Under Menace of Forced Unification

Catholic Church in Taiwan Building Bridges [to the Mainland] Under Menace of Forced Unification

NEWS ANALYSIS: The Church contributes to momentum for independence while sustaining ties of faith with China.

[Do they minister to the authentic Underground Church or enable the puppet Patriotic Church – especially in view of Frankenpope’s appeasing Fernostpolitik (Far East policy) towards Communist China?]


Victor Gaetan – 12/29/17

WASHINGTON — For close to 70 years, the Catholic Church has been quietly involved on the island of Taiwan, working in the vineyards as an existential geopolitical question about the island’s status — is it an independent nation or a piece of mainland China? — hums in the background. read more